I Fantasize about young girls

I am 22 yo male and i often fantasize about young girls 15-18 yo in school uniform and then underessing them giving them a hard spanking until their bare bottoms are red i would tie up there hands and feet so that they would not rub their bottoms because of pain



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  • You need to stay away from kids you freaking prevent. You freaking loser!

  • 15 here, and don't worry, we're fantasizing about you too ;)

  • I'm 17 and I think I might need a good spanking

  • How bout spanking a 19yr old girl instead?;)

  • F*** your needs, you need s spanking for being a bad little girl. Now drop to your knees and suck my c*** to start your punishment.

  • Mmm yes sir!

  • If he doesn't I will, I'm a 60yr old man and will respect you needs. I also have a fat circumcised c***

  • Where do you stay I need a good spanking I'm 17(;

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