I don't feel like a loser.

I'm 45. I look at least 10 years younger, but hey, I'm black. I grew up watching cartoons and comic books. 80's X-men and Teen Titans were some of the best stuff out there, and don't get me started on the weekday cartoons after school. The best.
I still love those things, even though I'm going to sound like my old man now when I say my generation had better stuff. Both of the comics I mentioned before are crap now. Sometime in my 20's I got a 'Bat -Symbol' inked into my bicep. I have small girly arms so it's not that big at all.
Now the issue is this past Christmas gifts sucked. My oldest pal got me those vinyl super hero figures that they sell at Barnes & Nobel for Hanukah (he's of Hebrew decent) and that's cool because like I said we collect and watched s*** like that when were in high school, way before either of us got laid. You know, BRO STUFF!
Now my girlfriend and her mother both got me cheap-o action figures that I would never buy unless it was Toys For Tots. This stuff is like gag gifts and I had to sit there and pretend I was soooo happy and grateful. I thanked them up and down and told them it was the best. Not even close. Now for them I bought clothes and a tattoo for my babe. I really don't like ink on women but that's my issue and the government is always trying to tell them what to do with their bodies, so who am I?
The best and useful things that I got this year was a light saber candy holder that lights up for 30 seconds, it's kinda handy to have around. The second were a pair of slippers from $5 Below. There isn't one thing in there more than 4.99. I'm scared that if I get these things wet they'll just disintegrate as I walk from the bathroom to the bedroom.
45. That is my age. I'm not mature, I know this and I think it's a cute trait. At least kids like me. But please get me something I can use. Socks. I get excited over socks now if they're funky and cool. You could have gotten me those and then I would not have to lie to you on what is supposed to be a holy day.

Jan 12, 2016

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  • If you still stop by this confession, I just wanna say: NERRRRRRRRRD!! (not that that's a bad thing)

  • So apparently the thought of giving you a gift has no worth. That these people bought something (regardless of what you prefer) because they thought you would enjoy it. If you want something of nicer quality or socks, then either buy it yourself. Or tell whomever actually would go to a store and shop for your ungrateful ass exactly what you want/need. Or maybe what's really happening... maybe you just deserve those s***** gifts, because you are that s*****. Stupid, small and plastic. That has nothing to do with your age, maturity or limited social skills.

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