I'm 21 years old and I've been seeing a 38 year old guy. He's recently asked me to move in with him but I haven't even told my parent how old he is, I really like this guy but I'm terrified of what my parents will say :/

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  • What's the reason you're considering moving in with this fellow? If your parents would disapprove, there must be a reason. Here's my advice - don't move in now. Give it a few years and see how you feel then.

  • Is he rich and does he plan on marrying you? If the answer to both of those ?'s is no then don't move in with him. The age difference is too much. Yeah every relationship is good at first but when you start arguing over what your listening to in the radio, what shows you're going to watch and one of you wants to stay home in bed and the other wants to party you'll regret it. Think twice I made the same mistake with an 8 year age difference - If I could turn back time!

  • Enjoy yourself but move in when you're ready to tell your parents.

  • There's 18 years between me and my bf. And we've been together 8 years

  • You're 21 years old. You are an adult. You should be able to feel confident in the choices that you are making for yourself. Of course, having your parents approval is always a good thing, but at some point you have to make your own life decisions. This needs to be something that you look at. If you are embarrassed by his age or by what people think, then maybe you're really not ready to be dating. And that's okay. Everyone matures at different paces. Or if you are really not ready to move in with him, then don't. Nothing wrong with dating him. You also don't say how long you've been dating him for. Maybe your first step is to introduce this guy to your parents. Whatever you do.. if you move in with him, find balance in your life and make sure you keep in touch with your friends and be a 20 year old. Your 20's are a really important part of your development. He's already gone through that stage. He may be content to be a homebody.

  • It's not that big of an age difference. If you like him, and I mean really like him, take a chance and see what happens. If you're already sleeping together, then you have a sense of how the relationship will be, and everything other than s** is not as important as the s** itself. Go for it!

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