Brotherly love

So my brother and I have s**. It didn't start when we were young. It started the night before I got married to my second wife. He was my best man. We were just having some drinks and looking at p***. Just sitting around in boxers. I noticed he had a h******. I asked him, "How big a d*** do you have?" He said, "I dunno. Never measured it." I said, "Well lemme see then." He said, "Dude. Seriously?" I said, "Yeah. Nobody is gonna find out. It's just me and you here." He pulled it out of the fly in his boxers. A pretty nice one. Probably 7-8 inches long. Bigger than mine. I grasped it and started stroking it. I said, "Yeah, that's a nice c***. Bet the ladies love it." He said, "Yeah right. I haven't been laid in like 7 years." I said, "Damn. For real?" He said, "Not lying." I said, "J******* a lot?" He didn't answer. I said, "Dude. It's ok. I j******* all the time and I get laid like twice a week."

I never stopped stroking his c***. He said, "Keep that up and you're gonna be sucking it soon lol." I said, "Want me to?" He said, "Want you to what?" I said, "Suck your d***." He said, "Dude. Seriously. Enough is enough." I said, "Not like anyone will find out. Plus, you gotta be tired of j**********." He said, "Well, don't think I could ever get tired of that but yeah I know what you mean."

I didn't give him a chance to argue. I leaned over and started sucking his d***. He said, "You really are? Dude. Come on. Seriously....ok, that feels good." Once I got my mouth on his c*** all reasoning went out the door. I moved to the floor. I got on my knees and really started sucking his d*** good. He was loving it. He started moaning. He said, "You've done this before?" I mumbled with his c*** in my mouth, "Mmhmm." He said, "Really? Who?" I stopped and said, "Remember when Sean used to come over all the time back in junior high and high school?" He said, "Yeah then he moved." I said, "He and I sucked each other's d**** like every weekend for about 5 years." He said, "But that's been like 8 years ago." I said, "Ok so I have sucked a few other d**** since then. Like it?" He said, "I can't believe I'm saying this but yeah I do."

I kept going. He was stammering to say it but finally said, "Can I suck yours too?" I said, "Of course." So we moved onto our sides and started to 69. We both came pretty hard. I swallowed. He pulled my c*** out and let me shoot my load all over him.

Next morning after the wedding my wife asked, "So what did you do last night? Were you naughty?" I said, "I sucked d*** all last night." She laughed and said, "of course you did. So what did you really do?" I said, "Me and my brother got drunk watching tv." She said, "now that sounds reasonable. You're so silly."

It took him a couple weeks to text me but he finally did. He asked if what happened was because we had been drinking. I told him that it made it easier yeah. I asked if he had been thinking about it. He said he did. I asked if he wanted to do it again. He finally said that he did. I told him his next day off to come over. My wife would be at work till 5.

He came over and we made out for the first time ever. He was h**** as f***. Hard c*** the second I felt it. We sucked each other's d**** till o*****. Neither one of us lasted more than 30 minutes.

A month of doing this once a week and I asked if he wanted to try more. He wanted to know what I had in mind. I told him I wouldn't mind letting him f*** me. I didn't tell him that between marriages I had a sexual relationship with a very good guy friend and he had f***** me upwards of 4-5 times a week for about 4 years.

Now here I am at 37 and he is 36 and we are still having s**. Every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Jan 15, 2016

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  • And all of this would be fine if you could at least you know, let your wife know so she has some say over what kind of a f***** up life she's living.

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