My brother in law

I have been married for 40 years and sucking my brother in laws fat c*** for most of that time. It all started one night after he and I ran into an old college buddy of mine. Jeff and I shared a dorm room through college and we got into sucking each other off instead of chasing the girls it was less trouble and cheaper than dating. The night Bo and I happen across him in a DC night club our wife's were in New York to see a play. Drinking and telling stories led to Jeff blurting out the truth about the old days. The next night at home Bo confessed that he had often fantasied about me sucking his c***. He said that he had always suspected that I was a closet c*** sucker and asked to suck him off. I said no, but then he suggested he may need to tell his sister that she married a bisexual. Later that evening, I agreed to suck his c*** just once. So, with Bo on the couch drinking a beer and smoking a cigar I slipped between his legs and reluctantly pulled down his pants and underware. Bo's c*** was massive much larger than mine. As I sled my mouth over the head of his c*** a flood of emotion overwhelmed me, I realized how much I missed sucking c***. I got into it very quickly and within minutes Bo was c****** in my mouth, it was the first time I had let that happen, I had always pulled away from Jeff's c*** when he cummed after all, I wasn't gay, it was just practical. Bo filled my mouth with creamy white c** and was shooting thick streams of it hitting the back of my throat. I kept on sucking and licking until he was exhausted.
I then pulled out my c*** and jacked off shooting my sperm onto his c*** and then licked it off and getting Bo's c*** hard again. I continued to suck him off again and again he blasted my mouth with more cumm. Talking later Bo confessed that he had never been so excited and cummed so hard. In all these years of me sucking Bo's c*** on fishing trips, at the golf course, when the girls are shopping he has never done more than jack me off. I don't mind at all. I will continue to suck his c*** when ever the chance arrives. I have been lucky for 40 years, I have the best of both f****** his sister and sucking his c***.


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  • Would be great if he also sucked you . My brother in law and I have been sucking each other off for 47 years .

  • Sounds awsome

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