I was laid off from my job, I contacted my old boss and he asked me to lunch. I cried, he comforted me and kissed me. I pulled back but he pulled me closer again and kissed me again and told me that when I worked for him he always wanted to f*** me and I wasn't going to deny him.

He took me to a roadside motel, and he f***** me. The entire time I kept asking myself why I was there, why I was letting him do that, while he undressed me, while he got undressed, while he pushed me on to the bed and ate me, I kept asking myself what was I doing, when he got on me and it was too late to do anything, when he penetrated me with his p**** I gave up completely and let him f*** me, at first I didn't respond, but then I did, he f***** me and I had an o*****, then he came inside of me.

I am married with two kids, my husband is also unemployed right now, he is married with grown children and two grandkids, And I sucked him off in the shower afterwards and I let him put his finger in my butt when he was washing me. He told me next time he was going to butt f*** me. I know he is, I want him too, to just take it all, to do what he wants, I won't say no, I can't, I tried but I can't.

Jan 17, 2016

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  • As you are both unemployed you should try prostitution. You clearly have the skills to be a prostitute as you are a s*** and enjoy taking c*** in every hole

  • That is the most practical thing to do, and if you enjoy the experience nothing like it. You can justify your experience as being helpless in the situation.

  • Kewl as h*** there's at least a few other women that are like me I am the same way but it isn't with my x boss it is with a guy that lives across the street from me and we get together almost every other day for several hours at his place.
    It all started one day when I walked to get my mail, our drive way is over a quarter mile long and you can't see our house from the road nor his. He came up behind me startled the h*** out of me and when I turned around I fell into his arms, he held me close to him and he gave me the first of many kisses, I tried to push away from him telling him I can't but he payed no attention to me, but his kisses on my neck and lips got to me and I melted in his arms. Yes he f***** me right at our mail boxes for any one to see if they came by, but no one did thank god.
    The next week he met me at the mail boxes three times each time he had his way with me and I let him. The first time I fought him but when he got his c*** into me I knew I wanted him as much or more than he did me.
    I am 24 years old and in damn good shape being I never have had a child yet, he's 42 and a logger by trade so he's quite masculine and built like a brick s*** house with a bigger than average c*** and damn big b****. My husband is smaller than average and don't want to have s** with me that often and one day I got mad at him for not wanting to please me and I told him I was going to find someone that made me feel good and he told me to go ahead as long as I didn't bring them home with me and I'm not Yesterday Tim took my virgin ass, god I thought I was going to die to start with. Today I am sore but I want it again and again, I loved it and found I have just as good if not better o****** analy.

  • How sweet. I love doing married women like you.Some married men think withholding s** will make their wives beg or miss out on s**-wrong.If you not pleasuring your wife,I am!Enjoy.

  • Your a s*** but so am I enjoy your self and let him f*** you anyway he wants. I married and have s** with three other men

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