I'm worried about being checked out.

I'm 14 years old and I'm an early bloomer. I had my period before I went to secondary school - at around eleven years old. The rest of my body has changed as well. I feel more than a little uncomfortable in the changing room during PE - it feels like I'm growing too fast or as if I'm not normal. I'm busty. I don't want to give out my actual bra size, but people have definitely mentioned it. My hips have widened and my backside has definitely gotten bigger. A girl in my class has mentioned my ass to two of my friends, on two separate occasions. She was talking about it in a positive way, but I'm nervous and shy enough as it is. I'm sorry about going on for so long, but I felt it'd be better to give you a bit of background before I explain my actual problem.

As with everyone else, there's a few people I don't like. There's one boy in my class, let's call him B for boy, who I've disliked since primary school. He hates me as well, I think. We argue every now and then, but we don't go out of our way to meet up and irritate each other. About a week ago, I was leaving my Physics class. I was speaking to my teacher, and B was waiting outside the door to speak to the teacher as well. My friends were walking to the class to pick me up, so that we could go to lunch together. I didn't speak to B, I was focused on speaking to the teacher. B didn't say anything, and seemed to be looking around. I said goodbye to the teacher, walked over to my friends, and they were all staring at me. Three of them told me that B had been staring at my ass. Seeing as he doesn't like me, I'm kind of confused. We're all at that age where everyone seems to be constantly thinking about s**. Should I think anything of this? Is it normal for boys to check anyone out, regardless of whether they like them or not?

Another boy was staring at my chest while I was talking to him. He's one of my friends, and it happened before all of this. Should I do anything about that, or should I leave it alone? Is there anything I can do to notice this in the future?

I'm sorry about you having to answer a nerdy teenage girl's problems, but I'm too shy to ask my parents and my friends will think I have a crush on B. Thank you in advance.

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  • Perfectly normal - boys check out girls all the time - whether you get along or not!

    Get used to it, this will happen til you're about 60 then you'll wish someone would check you out ;)

  • Oh trust me, he's looking at other ones too lol in fact he probably does that allll dayyy everyday

  • Your going to have to put up with people looking at you. The other girls are probably jealous that you are turning into a woman sooner than they are. As you get older the stares will stop. In time the people who look at you will grow up themselves

  • You are you and you are unique. You are also very young and things that seem very important now wont be in a few years time. Boys/men will look at your b****** (and p**** given the chance) but that is what they do, just like smelling awful and snoring. It sounds to me that you are developing nicely, just have a thought for women whose b****** never grow very much.

  • OMG I just finished leaving a comment on your other post. I swear-to-god I didn't look at this before guessing your ages in the other comment. Ha, I just know my s**t! Answer: YES, boys will check out anyone regardless of how they feel about them socially. Also, they will hookup with you too, regardless of how they feel about you socially, and hooking up will not change how they feel about you afterward.

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