I had a 21 year old college intern working at the company. She was a knockout too. Good looking, blond, smart.
She asked for a good referral letter from me after the internship was completed.. I wrote an average letter and she was disappointed.

We talked and I told her we could discuss over lunch if she liked. She agreed and I took her out and listened as she presented her views. I listened and said she was correct. She didn't get why she received an average letter. I told her I'd explain after lunch.
We left and I was driving back to the building and pulled in the parking garage. We talked and I said "Here how it you want an exceptional, top-notch recommendation letter? She told me she did, really did.
" Then...let me feel you up right now."
She gasped telling me no. I told her that was fine but no letter. She looked at me telling me that wasn't fair. "It up to you" She told me I wasn't very nice. I said "Do you want that letter?". I moved closer to her a put my arm on her headrest in the car.She sat still. My heart was pounding
"You know what I you want that letter?" And put my arm around her shoulders. She stiffed but didn't move away. I rubbed her shoulder and she sat there.
I moved close...and reached over and put my hand by her neck. She gasped. I moved my hand down and slid in inside of her suit jacket and...on her blouse and I squeezed her big soft t**. She jumped as I did...but she sat still and I squeezed and rubbed both of her t***...over and over.
She finally softly told me "You got to feel me up Please do my letter." I grinned and told her she would get the best recommendation possible. She smiled "I better after this"

I rubbed her soft knockers for at least ten minutes. My hand was down her blouse and in her bra. What a set of t***. Her boyfriend is in the Army and away. So I suddenly leaned over quickly and got her nipple in my mouth and sucked it. She tried to push me way..I sucked on those t***!

We sort of wrestled in the car she wasn't happy at all almost yelling Don't" when she realized I was sucking on her t** using my mouth and teeth and I put Two huge purple and drak red sucker bites on each of her fits. She called me a b****** as I put another hickey on each t**. We wrestled a lot she was breathing hard and got tired. She shocked me as she quietly said "please don't rape me".

I almost shot my nut right then. She was totally exhausted and stopped resisting me. I looked at her and sat back she said " please".
I said "Don't fight". Her eyes got big and she began to cry as I squeezed her arm hard.

It happen so quick...I worked her tight business skirt up and saw her panties. Those were off in a second and I saw her bare pink p****. She was crying as I undid my pants enough to get my swollen c*** out. I moved and rolled over on her.

Her skirt was tight but up enough to spread her legs and I got between them. She said " please...rape my mouth. I don't want to get pregnant. Please do it in my mouth.". I looked at this want your mouth f***** and raped?" She nodded " can rape me in my mouth until your done."

I moved back "slide down" she did and she opened her mouth and I just shoved all of my c*** in. She gagged but I mouth f***** her deep. She took my 6 inches down her throat over and over. Man I f***** her fface.

Then I cummed. Did I ever. Like 10 long spurts. She swallow my whole load. I sat back. She told me thank you for not raping her. I felt her fits some more.
I got a great b******* off her later in the car. The rest is history and she got her letter...less than average. Who wants a s*** in their office.

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  • I had a boss that did somewhat like this one did and I got the last laugh. I knew he was banging one of the girls in the office, I had a friend to call his wife and tell her she was with the city health department and to come in for STD testing as her husband had tested positive for an STD.
    Bet that shook up the household.

  • That's a good one. Maybe I can use that sometime to get back at some of the stupid men in the office.

  • Fake story but we'll written.

  • You're a real f****** ba*****d. Took advantage of her and not honoring your part of the bargain! I hope the same fate will befall your love ones. You know "What goes around comes around"...

  • So your fantasy is to molest someone and use your power over them? Do be careful. With fantasies like that you're bound to be the type that would resort to drugging a woman. You really ought to consider therapy before you act on your rape fantasy and wind up in prison. You do know what they do to a rapist in prison.

  • Thanks for telling him the truth; and poster think about your daughter or wife; you reap what you sow!

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