Show off your tummies

I live in Austin, Texas and have a tummy fetish.
I invite all people's from around the world, who share this fetish, to show off your bare tummies on Congress Avenue in Austin, Tx. In the summer months. Guys wear your button-down shirts unbuttoned, and gals wear your bikini tops, tube tops and half shirts.
We"ll all meet on The Bat Bridge at sundown.
Show your support for our group.
Be there.
You're not alone in your fetish, and there's nothing wrong with you.
We're all people of the Earth.

Love to all <3



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  • How about pregnant tummies? the 'stange catagory' has one 'mom's tummy'

  • Pregnant tummies are sexy too

  • I remember i was 9, i was in my nofly undies and had a stiffy, my mother, then 27, she looked real sexy and young, had come up behind me and said 'those are sexy underpants.' i twitched for a moment then she said 'it's okay if you're having a stiffy, stiffies turn me on.' then she said 'here, give me a hug.' then when i turned to give her a hug, she'd opened up her bathrobe there she was in her real short bike shorts and sports bra, that was when she'd annonced with a glowing smile 'i'm expecting, i'm 2 months along' that was when i felt her baby and noticed a round tummy panel across the front of her little bike shorts, i didn't notice it before, when i felt her baby, she'd done a handjob on my stiffy. since my father had gone out of town for a few months, i lied down on the bed with my mother in her room, she stroked my stiffy, i stroked her tummy.

  • Check out the pregnant mom son comments and replies in naughtyposts

  • Sounds awesome.

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