Extremely unhappy...

I hate this town I live in, but im f****** stuck because i live with my girlfriend and her kids wich im sick and tired off.
I made a enormous mistake of raising her kids and now they call me daddy.
She treats me with suicide if I ever leave. Im really unhappy I don't feel love for her,only feel sorry and sad for her. I don't want to even have s** with her she doesn't turn me on in fact everything she does turn me off.
Also this town were I live in is like a f****** damn ghost town, no progress no public transportation no good paid jobs and no places to have fun out.
Im always worked in my life in different jobs but at the moment it's been two months since I don't have a job,,,
Now im really really really stuck because im broke no car and all the situation I just explained above!!!
I've been with her 4 years swallowing all this feelings that are killing me... I already told her I don't love her but seems like she's blinded by her own ego plus treated to kill herself with a kitchen knife... What the heck should I do?? Please help I want to leave!!!!! I need a job away from Florida state
I love up north doing any job that pays well and live my life with someone I can really feel inlove with and doesn't have or wants kids, I also realized that I hate kids please don't judge my feelings for I have no control over what I honestly feel about kids,,,(I don't hurt kids I don't wish bad things for them BUT I SIMPLY DONTTT LIKE KIDS)!!!...
Please help with your opinion or help with my getting away from here issues literally any of them both will be very welcome....

Jan 23, 2016

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  • Don't do anything impulsive, my friend. Too many lives are on the line. But start planning your move. Be strategic. Identify where you want to go. Start in a place where you have someone to stay with -- anyone. (Think of it as a way station on the journey, not the final destination.) Then work your ass off, save your money and find the place where you'll be happy. The act of planning your escape will bring you great relief from your misery. And then, in a few weeks or months, make your getaway. And as others have said, don't fall for the suicide manipulation tactic. It's a ploy. Notify the police that she has made this threat, but don't let it hold you back. It's too bad about the kids. They will miss you. But you can't stay there as a ghost of yourself just because of a mistake you made years ago.

  • You just played s** that's all .. she is scared of your leaving because she will not know what to do with her kids .. get her some mental health and you to and then you will understand the kids think your their dad and you don't want to hurt them ... call mental health about this my friend

  • Do you have any family up North you could move in with for awhile? You shouldn't stay because she is guilting you with suicide - if she does it again call cps when you leave to make sure she us monitored and her kids are safe. Does she have any people you can warn about her threats? You should leave as soon as you can and maybe she will find someone who wants her; or she may get stronger and try making it on her own!

  • Very good opinion from you thanks really!.

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