I e been in a relationship for almost 2 years with my gf. Known her for four. We live together both work etc. my gf is beautiful I think she turns heads a lot nice body pretty face attention by other dudes everywhere we go. She loves me deeply and says she does and I believe her because we've been through rough times together. When it comes time of intimacy I don't get turned on like I used to I don't crave her I try to want her bad but I just can't feel turned on anymore by her I care a lot about her and do love her but idk what to do when it comes time for intimacy ... I'm starting to feel a bit concerned because don't get me wrong my gf dresses up sexy for me and does what a gf should do make her man want her but I don't feel a thing should I be concerned and go to the doctor or is it just my mind state

Jan 25, 2016

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  • Maybe getting a check up will help you in order to make sure that everything is okay? If everything checks out okay, why not consider doing long foreplay and spending fun times with your lady outside of the bed as ways to improve your s** life. Trying new things might help too. If all fails, ask your doctor about V***** or something. Good luck.

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