No change.

Today I just realized Obama is president. It's the 27th. I was working inaguration day and didnt' see or feel any of the hype. I don't feel like there has been any change I guess because I don't read the paper, listen to the news, or have any part in anything remotely political I only know what I hear in passing and then I try to forget it. I'd make a great hermit.

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  • It's easy to become a hermit! There is so much pain in the world, especially in the news so I don't blame you for distancing yourself from it. But maybe soon things will be better and you won't have to be so withdrawn.

  • Get it get worse? Maybe is military spending is cut back...

  • things are changing..he has 4 years right? i bet you by 2010 things will be so different

  • Oh, they are. The whining and tantruming that started on that day never let up, and now we've got a spoiled demented narcissist in the WH with his illegal alien stripper "wife" (although he prefers his daughter). Trash followed class, and the US has turned the rest of the way into The Jerry Springer Show.

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