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Long story short , I like a man that is 10 years older than me. He has everything going for himself, compared to me I'm just a young pretty girl working on getting my degree a year from now. I like him and he likes me too. I just don't know what a girl like me could offer him? :/
It like I don't feel good enough for him

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  • The only thing you need to do if this guy is decent. Just be there when the s*** hits the fan, not just when he's bringing home the Roses to you. That's all I ever wanted from a woman.

  • Tell him that you sometimes feel nervous and unsure of yourself, and don't feel very good about yourself, and you have a project to ask people what they like about you and what things about you are most worthy.

    Then listen to him, and BELIEVE him.

    You can also ask other people, and compare responses.

    If I were him, I would treasure your tenderness, and shyness, and youth and beauty. Your youth and beauty would be an energizing inspiration, and confirmation that I am a strong and worthy man.

  • Love is more than enough for most guys. The fact is that most guys just don't care weather or not his woman is ready to bring home an income. Don't sweat over it! The guy probably loves you just the way you are. If you're in love then just roll with it and everything will work out fine. At this point, the worst thing you can possibly do is to mention your insecurities to him. That will destroy your relationship real fast.

  • I am 60 and I just know two person must love each other and be sure you and your lover actually love each other.
    Because somewhere in your life you will find out that he or she had a different reason other than LOVE!!!!!

  • Your good enough for him. If he's a good man and if he's interested in you develope a relationship with him and see where it goes.

  • Than you guys so much for giving me some advice on the situation. But I must say that it's not like he makes m feel like I'm not worthy enough, it's just something that all in my head lol. I mean as I've been in relationships I just found myself giving everything to a person that just ended up using me or cheating on me and lying a lot but I mean we've all been there. I just came to the conclusion that I'm not going to put all my eggs in one basket with this guy. Thanks for the advice again !

  • Your advice to yourself is perfect! ^^^^

  • Dear Friend,
    Why not sit down with him and be honest concerning what you are feeling? He might help to put your mind at ease. Try not to assume that because you are younger and maybe not as accomplished as him that he does not appreciate other great things about you. If none of this works, please get therapy in order to tackle this issue and to improve your self-esteem. Be well now.

  • You don't feel "good enough" because this man either allows you to feel that way (have you expressed this thought to him? my guess is "yes") or he actively makes you feel that way. Regardless, he is glorifying himself at your expense. You need him out of your life. Immediately. He's not good enough for YOU, despite the fact that you've elevated him in your mind. Find someone who doesn't use you for his own ego.

  • Are you f****** serious? Her own insecurities are his fault??? Good work, telling someone to ditch th eperson they're interesting in whilst making massive assumptions. Ass.

  • Yes, he is making her insecure, and he enjoys the feeling of seeing an elevated version of himself in her eyes. He's the ass. And you.

  • You base this on... what? She says she feels insecure, and you immediately turn that into an attack on a person you basically know nothing about. Might want to engage your brain before typing next time.

  • You might want to GET a brain, asshat.

  • Why do you not feel good enough? Would you feel better if he was younger? Do you feel that you don't have a lot in common with him? How about're not getting married to him anytime soon. Date him. That's what dating is for. To sample and figure things out. You control how serious it gets. You don't have to be in a serious committed relationship with him. But make sure you keep up on your studies and don't let this get in your way of graduating. Because your degree is important. But just date him.

  • All anyone needs to offer in a relationship is trust, loyalty, and if you get that far, love. A 10 year difference is nothing, my Dad is 10 years older than Mum. Fact is if he likes you, he's obviously judged you to be worthy - stop worrying about it and just got for it.

  • I agree with the advice above.

    Here is my j****** advice. Every guy like some younger p****. But the maturity level from i assume early 20. Since you are about to graduate college. And a 30 year old is huge. When i was 30 the 20 year old girls were immature. We had nothing jn common besides rough s** since some of them never been f***** real good. Sit him down and ask. If he is honest and want to continue. If not find a guy your age and grow together.

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