I backed into a parked motorcycle

I had recently been laid off and was going for job counseling. The building had a weird parking garage and a choke point paid exit. I tried to back up and turn into a spot, and didn't see the motorcycle parked behind me. Evidently I pushed one of them over and it knocked into another. I didn't check for damage, but when someone noticed they had fallen over, I didn't say anything.

I'm normally a very responsible person and own up to my mistakes, but I was stressed about the job loss, and was late for my appointment. When I left, it didn't look like they were damaged, but I didn't get out and check. When I got home I made a donation to a local charity to try and ease my guilt, even though I wasn't employed.

It's been a while, but it still gnaws at me. What should I do?

Feb 1, 2016

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  • I clipped a parked station wagon as I was going to community service. I got out, pretended to look it over and leave a (blank) note on the windshield for the benefit of anyone spying, and left. Nothing ever came of it. Similar things have happened to me more than once, so I was just paying it forward :)

  • Karma b****. This is why you are unemployed. Keep doing the srupid s*** you do.

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