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I have a VERY fat friend that I realize I am embarrassed to be around sometimes. She is a great person but she has obviously not taken care of herself over the years. I try to give subtle hints about eating healthy and such and she heeds it somewhat. There have been things she has done that have been especially embarrassing. One time she complained online about "fun size" candy bars and how they are not fun because they are so small. I was tempted to reply and write that she should be happy they're small because she doesn't need to eat so many sweets. Another time we were driving and stopped at a gas station. She came back from the store with two giant snickers bars and offered me one (I hate candy bars). I just put down the one she gave me. She proceeded to scarf down her bar. After she saw that I wasn't eating mine, she asked if she could have it and I said sure, and she immediately scarfed that one down too. Every time we go somewhere I have to slow down and wait for her because she walks so slow because she is so large. She has to sit in the front seat of the car because she barely fits in the back. She has to have a table rather than a booth at restaurants because she can't fit in a booth. He stomach literally pushes the table towards me when she leans forward. On and on. I wish she would lose weight (not just the 20 or 30 pounds). I find myself subconsciously avoiding being seen with her around my other friends - sounds really bad, but I figured it out once I put some thought into my why my actions were a certain way (I don't think I was consciously doing it). If you are a large person, know that it not only affects you; it affects us too. We'll be there for you every step of the way, just lose the weight. You don't have to be model thin, just be healthy.

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  • I like fat girls...send her my way.

  • Be her friend and ignore what people think..or what you think they think. If you are concerned for her health, tell her in a really thoughtful way. That you love her and you're concerned for her health and don't want to see anything happen to her. And that you are there for her to help her in anyway. And suggest then a walk before going to out to food. Maybe her or her parents would be willing to pay for a gym/personal trainer or even Weight Watchers or even a therapist. But whatever you do - respect that she may not be ready and don't force your will on her. For anything to be successful she needs to find the motivation to want to lose weight and more importantly figure out why she's eating. There are deeper reasons why someone eats. Food is a drug. Instead of her choosing alcohol, meth or heroin, she eats.

  • A friend is a friend no matter what , you cannot do that so you are not a good friend for her. She would be better off without you.

  • Daaaaanm! Fat b****** need love to Craig!!!

    But really. I was considered a fat kid. I even had this one b**** came up to me and said. Eww your fat. I was mildly fat like 20-30lbs fat. In the middle of higjschool I started working out and eventually started hard bodybuilding. I even became yolked and had 6pack. This b**** saw me at a party and acted all drunk and rested her head on me. I just pushed that b**** off. Eventhough I was a h**** kid. I didnt even want to f*** her and she was hot. What she said to me helped motivate me. It also made me realize she is ugly inside.

  • Sounds like you have a problem, dude. Why are you embarassed? She's the one who's fat. I have a very very very fat wife. Don't bother me to be out with her. And the s** gets better as she gets softer. In fact, I do nothing to discourage her from pigging out, which, btw, she does daily when I'm not home.I know based on what is in the trash! I say, good for her for enjoying herself.

  • I f****** hate fat people also

  • How intelligent of you.

  • They have to decide for themselves that they are going to lose weight. Your a good friend so continue supporting her.

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