My sister in law kicked us out of her house when me and my gf were just finished with high school we didn't have a place to stay time flew a few days ago she got into a serious car wreck could've lost her brain function but she's getting better little by little. No the before my gf would only go to family parties where she was since I have so much anger towards her I couldn't give it a chance but my gf would come home saying she'd ask about me now my gf beggs we go see her idk what to do I have so much resentment that it's just aggravating to me to feel this way when she's family regardless of any situation I'm trying to forgive and forget but I can't I can't idk why what do I do ?go see her or stay away until I control myself and learn to forgive it's been a year and start of 2016 fresh

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  • Put a knot in her I.V.

  • Forgive her and move on with your life. Holding resentments hurts you more than the person you resent. If this does not work, consider getting therapy. Take care now.

  • If she kicked you out for whatever reason it's okay you need to let it go and don't beat yourself up for it let go and forgive life goes on ! If she wouldn't care and feel bad for doing it she wouldn't ask your gf for you

  • Please listen to the 2 ppl who replayed to you here first and go see her today...

  • You need to let go of this anger, it's not worth it. She's your family. Have you ever thought, that maybe you guys getting kicked out is a good thing for you? You are adults when you graduate high school. That means you are on your own. How long did you think that you AND your gf could live there? You should be thanking her for 1. letting you stay at her house for as long as she did. and then 2. Thanking her for kicking you out so you can begin your own lives. Maybe you don't like how it went down..but're okay now. It's petty that you're holding on to this. Go and see her today.

  • The fact that she asks for you means she still misses you y'all probably had a great connection but you fault to forgive just learn to forgive and let it go start off fresh like you said, who knows y'all might even be the best of budds again!

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