My sister

So about 3 years ago my older beautiful sister seen over 20 pictures of my 1O inch p****. I sent them anonymously saying these are your brothers pics. She waited about 3 hours before she finally forwarded all the pics.(24 I think)so I lied and said I got blank messages if she could resend or describe what pictures she has and if there really she started describing almost 10 pics jus amazed lol which one picture was a remote /d*** comparison showing how big I really was. She started texting stuff like "OMG is that a remote Wow bro that's crazy!) !!! . I actually was really turned on by knowing she knew how big I was .well time went by and i was m********* every night thinkin of her and about 6weeks later see came into town and was cooking a big meal when I seen her phone and something told me to check!!!!! She still had 2 big d*** pics of mine saved on her phone.I went to j******* immediately.. she also seen my morning wood every day for a week straight while I was staying over to work and she insisted to wake me up. I wanna start it again! Think I should?

Jan 3, 2016

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  • Good comments below.. They ruined de fool's concept of building his self esteem by posting fantasies about himself..

  • Stop this incestuous foolishness and learn to access the world around you. With billions of people in the world, there is no reason to be doing this kind of thing.

  • I agree your a d***! Fake post douch bag

  • You're an idiot for lying about your p**** size and for writing lame fake posts.

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