My sister in law is gorgeous for being 42 (Christina) I've always been hitting on her with no success. She looks like she's still in her 20's. well one night she got really drunk, and I had to pick her up. She was so far wasted I had to carry her into the car. I got in a cheap feel. But then I pulled over cause her phone was going off, she had a text message from someone named Frankie. I unlocked her phone with her finger, and started reading her text messages. She was cheating on her husband with like 4 different men. And I lost count of the other men she had fun times with. I used the air drop feature on the iPhone and copied all the pics of her naked and with other men. She had multiple pics of her with other men in their bedroom, I even found one with her husband still sleeping and her with someone else in the bed. I sent her husband a text from her phone saying "you're a loser I want a divorce all these other men had to please me since you can't "

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  • If this was real there would be a conclusion line. My brother is going to divorce her a$$. OR My idiot brother decided to stay with her. OR I am waiting to see what will happen between them. Something.

  • So then what happen? After she sobered up and saw her husband after he recieved the texts.

  • Sounds fake .. but ur a f*******

  • Are you going to f*** Frankie too?

  • Clever thing to do

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