I'm obsessed with a man who has ignored me

I met an incredible man two years ago. we hit it off, and would be in constant communication. after feb of last year, he went MIA, I tried to contact him and nothing. Then there was a fb message a simple hello, but he wanted no other communication. In june i message him happy bday, he says thank you. I accidentally message him something, he says huh? then I ask him will we stay friends, he says yea, for a couple weeks all goes good with communication, then stop. I tried texting him, nothing. he saw a pix of me another guy, he starts liking my pictures. Then he wishes me happy birthday. I wish him happy thanksgiving, nothing, i text him in december, nothing, wish him happy new years, and nothing. I like one pix in january, he likes three of my pix. its so hurtful when i'm trying so hard, and he can clearly see that I really like him, but he's just ignoring me. If he had told me last year that he had a gf or something like that i would of been understating. at this point, I don't know if our friendship will survive, or simply be just another person in my fb list. i'm sick and tired, of feeling so desparate and unwanted. i've had such bad luck with guys, i'm ready. i've talked to god, but just don't know if i'll be alone for the rest of my life, or if something betters coming my way. god knows why, but what to do.


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  • Dear Friend,
    I think that you're likely wasting time pining over someone who will never be yours. Why not get into therapy and work past needing an unavailable partner? In time you will find someone right for you who will willing reciprocate your love and not get lost. Good luck with this and take care.

  • I don't get what is so "incredible" about this guy. You're obsessed with a guy who barely gives you the time of day. You want to know if he has a gf? Probably..or he's just not interested. Not trying to be mean, but maybe you really need to hear this so that you can stop tormenting yourself. Do yourself a favor and delete him. Him liking 3 of your pix and you keeping score is not a relationship. When a guy likes you, they make it known. This guy has something going on and that's good, because you know what..you can do better. Stay positive, keep the desperation level down to a minimum.. call up your girlfriends and go and have fun. Often time, you'll meet him when you least expect it. Sign up for some dating sites. It's a crap shoot, but everyone has friends who have met and married someone they met on match, eharmony etc.. so why not try it. You have nothing to lose. And don't get discouraged, if someone you like doesn't like you back. He's out there, you just haven't met him yet. And he's definitely not this dude on FB.

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