Hate my stepkids

My step kids are staying with us for the next week. I am absolutely miserable. They're messy, they stink, they sit around the house all day doing nothing. I love my husband, but I wish I'd never married him.

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  • Dear Friend,
    This sounds like an awful predicament to find yourself in. Have you ever thought of getting couple's counseling? This might help your union and help your husband to work together with you when the step children come over. Since this situation won't be solved right now, why don't plan a weekend for yourself away when the step kids come over? This way you can get a break and they can do as they usually do. Take care and let us know how this works out.

  • Yes, I know that's probably true all of this is true I guess! But let me tell you that all thanks to you, there's little people here on earth and you never know! They might grow up to be the next Eien Stein! Its not all just horror, it's also laughs and excitement! Like for example
    1.When they just started to walk
    2.When they grew their first tooth
    3.When they started to talk!
    And there's those moments where you can't take the pressure and just EXPLODE...
    1.When they make a mess
    2.When they annoy you
    3.Changing diapers all the time
    etc...But I'm sure that they learn from these mistakes. And so do you!

    You should be grateful for having your kids...
    Also you can do all those things with them! Its not all kids who are misbehaved it honestly depends on how you raise them.

  • They probably hate you too. So you're even. You don't magically have a good relationship with kids just because you marry their father..or their mother. You have to work at it. Those kids would much rather have their parents together and not be shuttled from house to house. And then there is this new person ..that's marrying a parent that they are forced to accept and call "mom" or "dad". And you probably think they should immediately respect you or even like you, because their dad does. If they are sitting around the house all day, why don't you and their dad make plans for you as a family DO something active. You're as much apart of the problem as their father is and as they are. However, you are the adults. You want a better relationship with them, you need to work at it.

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