I have a strange fetish. I like sneezes. Watching someone sneeze makes me aroused. But I like when my step mom sneezes. It's kind of cute. And the best thing about it? It is stink. Her sneezes have a very peculiar stink. Plus when she sneezes it sometimes comes out as a spray. So I like to smell the air after she sneezes. I fantasize about her sneezing on my face. Her sisters have the same stink to their sneezes. The sneezy sisters. I loved the time she and her sisters visited and we took a ride in my step moms van. When they began to sneeze I liked to sniff the air. I only wished that they sneezed all the time. And their sneezes were ALWAYS stink.

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  • How do her sneezes sound like? can you describe them?

  • So yesterday I went with my mom to the mall.She sneezed two times,the first time when we were at a shoe shop,and the second time when we were watching a movie. Both times there was that smell,and she also commented about it

  • What did she comment?

  • She waved her hand in front of her nose,to indicate a smell.And she said something like,"phew that one was smelly"

  • Damn, that hot af <3

  • Have there been other times where she commented on the smell?

  • Oh yeah,I have a fetish for stinky sneezes too,provided they are from a woman.And they should be wet sneezes,not cough like sneezes.Cough like sneezes I hate.
    My mom (41 years old)too has this ,her sneezes are wet and from the nose,not the mouth and stink a lot,a cinnamon sweet musky smell.I am so lucky:D
    If mom sneezes and even if she covers her sneeze,the smell remains there for around 2 minutes.If she sneezes in the car,the windows are down,smell stays for even more.

  • Ohh man~ I also have a fetish for those, whenever my mom sneezes it makes me hard~! Love to hear more and chat~!

  • Wow, My boyfriend's sneeze has a peculiar musky scent to it He find it really annoying, but I quite like it <3

  • I have a cold right now so guess what im doing wrapped up in my duvet

  • Hmm.. Does your step mom know her sneezes stink?

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