Husbands Father and Brother

Getting married out of high school and no job for hubby, we moved in with his Brother and Dad (his mother had passed on two years before) on a farm. Hubby joined the army and was sent overseas for a year. One night I was sleeping and I felt someone in bed with me, thinking it was my husband I went along with the game and soon found out my father in law was on me having s**. I was so h**** I loved it and accepted it. A couple of nights later the same thing happened and I really wanted it. One day me and the brother (Tom) were feeding the pigs and the boar pig was breeding the sow. Tom said that he wished he could do that,,,,,have s** with someone. He looked at me and grinned. I had a hot flash and felt my womanhood start to twitch. I smiled back and said well that might be nice. That night Tom came to my bed and we had s**. Now I am having s** with my father in law and brother in law. Hubby will be home in a month. What do I do ?
I don't want to mess up my marriage. If I tell the family will be split up and we don't have any money yet. I am afraid my husband will find out.

Feb 9, 2016

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  • This is a new twist-- a dependa who keeps it in the family. That probably qualifies you for sainthood among Republicans.

  • Enjoy it to the max.... play pregnancy roulette too!

  • Sounds like you have has wonderful time. Well the good time is over when your husband comes home unless you can talk to him nicely and get him to see the advantage with it for all of you and get him to join in with the sharing.

  • You are a dirty filthy w****. I hope your hubby is s******* around to. Nasty w****!

  • You are a dirty w**** but I'd love to f*** you like a sow

  • Any scumbag that had the audacity to exhibit such inappropriate & irresponsible behavior behind the back of a spouse she vowed a lifelong commitment to should be publicly & nakedly humiliated for at least 3 hours at the nearest town square by two [2] of the town's best Masters.. The tramp should be emotionally broken & incessantly brought to repentant tears for such unforgivable deeds against the trust of her victimized spouse..

  • And anyone who is in here reading this stuff is sick and needs to be punished as well

  • Buy him an xbox

  • Gee I envy you so much. I would love to have s** with two guys. My hubby is not too good and is not interested more than once a week if that often. Of course doing the father and brother is a dangerous situation and will cause problems if it is known by your husband.

  • I have been sharing my latina wife with my father and my older brother for the last 7 years. She enjoys being our "family p****" as we call it and we have our arrangements and it helps that she has a good healthy sexual appetite and she never says No.

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