African Exchange Student

We agreed to keep an African exchange student for a year in our home while he studies at the local university. We are supposed to help him with English and culture. I am the one who teaches him these things about three nights a week and I go into his room. Lately he has been coming on to me. Has told me he wants s**. I admit it is tempting. After I give him his lesson, he pulls out his nice hard pole and says, "Bet you would like this". I just laugh and walk out. Last night I played with it a few minutes before I left. He suckled my breast also. I am thinking about giving him oral tomorrow. Hubby will never know. The last few days I have been wearing only a flimsy house coat when I go to his room.(nothing under it)
I really want to sleep with him , but need to tell my husband and see what he says.
I can't cheat in our house without hubby knowing it.
Hubby has commented on how our s** life has improved and I seem to be more sexual than in the past. LOL, he may be surprised why.
Writing this makes me wet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Have some pride, you'll regret this if you go for it, the remorse will haunt you for years to come.
    don't do this to your husband, even worse if you have children :(

  • Don't loose the opportunity or you'd regret later!!

  • If writing this makes you wet then go inside your house out of the rain and you won't get wet. SIMPLES!

  • It is making you wet so open your leg dear, later u won't get that pole

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