Oops, help please part 3

The imminent expose of mine, and my step dads, session, is hard to swollow, simply because, my then, best friend was beginning to crush on me...
I realised the power of s**, thanks to my step dad, (Tom). His s** drive, and appeal matched his toned perfect body. Awesome was not the word, however, after that first time, I had a pregnancy scare, and confided in my best friend, Abbie, (she was pretty, fit, & ordinary), and two years younger than me, (13), at first I never told her who might be the father, but she persisted on knowing, as ashamed as I am, I let slip one afternoon after school, she seemed overly happy at the fact, and began to ask for details, as I began to explain them, detailing how & where, & what knots, my stomach flipped, aroused all over again, I could also see Abbie was feeling it, as the intricate details were relived, I could feel his power all over again, with Abbie almost drooling, I could feel my c*** harden, I immediately had to try and use a distraction tactic, asking Abbie if she had Done it before, this is where her confession came to fruition, she said, "well, no, coz', well, I don't really know how to say this without you hating me"! I was both hurt & shocked, what could possibly be that bad,? "Just say it,"I said, "ok, well, I, think, well I know, I'm actually, errrr, a, errr, I'm a lesbian!", I was set back a little, and intriguied at the same time, this has never really occurred to me before, but I was admittedly a little excited, "oh, ok, well is there anyone, you know, Wanna be with, at schoo, or?", one thing for certain, I was NOT expecting her reply, nor the manner she did it. " only you Lis, not that you would, but I've only ever had eyes for you"....wow wasn't in it, shock didn't come close, yet a little part of me was almost egging me on.
The mood, and subjects got moved on by both of us, and it was momentarily forgotten. Two nights later, she was sleeping over, and we snuggled in our make do beds on te floor in front of the tv, as the rest of the house slept, I was flicking through the channels, and a film came on, called wild things, with Neve Campbell & Denise Richrds, Abbie looked almost like Neve Campbell's twin, in every way, hair, pretty face, body shape & clothing style. As the film rolled on, we were just being typical teenagers, play fighting & giggling, then the pool scene came on, as Neve & Denise kissed passionately, Abbie's jaw had dropped, with her mouth watering too, subtly I glanced from tv to Abbie's face, and realised how attractive she actually was. Once the kissing had stopped, Abbie suddenly shuffled to a different position under her part of the duvet, I tried not to make it obvious, and glanced in her direction as before, trying desperately not to move my head, using my eyes to shift te odd glance, just attempting to see what she was actually doing. This is where it began to heat up a little, as I felt movement from under duvet, and saw too, (I remembered thinking, "is she masturbating") I yawned loudly a couple of times and said goodnight, snuggled in, and faced her direction, the tv was lighting the room slightly, every so often, but I couldn't say for sure, until she whimpered, that was enough proof for me, admittedly i felt a little turned on, but turned over in any case, and settled for the night. Dreaming of my special encounter with Tom, i was feeling pleasant, I could feel his hands on my b****** & bum, it was so vivid, my semi conscious state, was disturbed, and I awoke, only to still feel my b****** and bum being touched...yep it was Abbie feeing me up....instantly I was aroused, as she gently pulled at my already throbbing nipple, clutching my butt, through my night dress, my breathing must of changed, and deepens no less, as I felt her hesitate momentarily, as assurance I shuffled my ass back toward her, here she began to spoon me, playing with my pleased bosom, her breath was edging closer to the nape of my neck, until I could feel her lips slightly caressing me, her nipples hardend in my back, as her younger tongue began to go to work under my ear,it was almost as if my hand had grown its own mind, as it reached down under my nightdress, and pulled at my now exposed, cleanly waxed, trimmed and shaven p****, her hand began to follow mine, before I knew it, she was flicking my bean, my head began to spin, my breathing more erratic, every so often a darting finger, of hers, hovered of my p**** hole, her tongue slurping at my neck, I turned and faced her, we kissed deeply, her younger soft lips caressed mine, our tongues rampantly smashed against each others, her hand still teasing my p****, I turned and spread my legs, inviting her fingers inside me, she duly obliged, as 2 slipped in, my pelvis pushing down as she plunged deep into my whole, our lips parted, as she edged down body, to take my mound in her mouth, she probed, sucked, kissed and found me a new pleasure as I came, the duvet was drenched in my c**. TBC

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