A new toy

This story is from about 20 years ago, when I was an early thirty something lad and one of my best friends was a late twenty something very sexy girl (and 20 years later, she still is).

We had been friends for a long time already. Over the years, we were well behaved friends when either of us were seeing anyone else; but if we were both single, then we were friends with benefits.

Post university and travelling, we both found ourselves back near home - me in my own place and she was temporarily back at home with her parents. We were hanging out together and partying with friends most weekends and generally having a great time.

I have a few stories, but I will start with this one, and I might share some more later, if she likes this one!

She had long dark blonde hair, a very nice figure, lovely b/c cup b****** with reactive nipples, a nice pert bum, and a delicious pink lipped p****, mostly shaved with a neat landing strip (which she occasionally used to let me shave and trim for her, but that’s another story!)

One evening, we were having a glass of wine or two while we were out, and we got talking about s** toys. To my surprise, she said that she didn’t have any! I said that I should take her out shopping and buy her one as a present, but only if she would let me help her use it the first time. And with a cheeky grin, she agreed!

The drinks had been flowing, so I didn’t really think it was going to happen, but the next day, there we were were, heading into town, where we went into Ann Summers. We browsed the toy department and she chose a lovely blue d**** with a built in vibrator, which was a little bigger than me. We took it to the till, I paid for it, and we headed back to my place.

When we got back I reminded her that I would need to help on the first occasion. To which she replied, “No time like the present”, and headed upstairs to my bedroom.

Batteries installed, I followed her upstairs and opened the door into the bedroom. She was sitting on the bed and still dressed, so I sat on the bed next to her and we looked at the new toy together. We decided it was quite big, but agreed that it should be ok with some lube and as long as I was very gentle and didn't put it in all the way. “It needs a name”, she smiled, “Billy Blue!” Perfect, we both agreed!

“I think it’s time you were undressed, I said, and helped her out of her top and jeans, leaving her just in her very pretty bra and panties (she always wore very sexy and pretty underwear). I unclasped her bra at the back, and slipped it over her arms one at a time, and gently caressed her b****** with my hands - her nipples were hard already and she took a little gasp of breath as she watched and felt me touching them. She lifted her bottom up a little to help me slip her panties down and then she lay back on the pillows and closed her eyes, as I slipped the panties off over her ankles. I put a little lube on Billy’s head and gently parted her legs, exposing her freshly shaven p****, and she quivered and breathed with excitement, her eyes still closed. With one hand I carefully opened her lips and started to rub Billy along them, as she gasped and shuddered. She was already wet and Billy’s head slipped in quite easily, as I held her open with my fingers. I was as gentle as I had promised I would be, and I took my time, slowly manipulating the toy and following the movement of her hips as her arousal continued to build. Without me really doing anything, Billy was getting deeper, as I held the toy and continued to follow the movement of her hips. It wasn’t switched on, so I asked her if we should try the vibration, “yesss”, she moaned, so I turned on the vibration at its lowest setting... “ahhh, it’s too much”, she cried, so I quickly turned it off.... but by now her movements were getting more exaggerated, and I was holding billy and matching her movements, and she had almost the whole of the toy inside her, just enough left for me to hold onto..... and I held her breast and caressed her nipple with my other hand... and then she reached an incredible o*****, which went on for ages, as I held billy absolutely still inside her.... and as she sunk backwards into the pillows, her heart pounding and her breathing racing, she opened her eyes in complete pleasure and looked down at me holding Billy inside her still.... “OMG I had no idea it was so deep”, she gasped, and she held my hand as she continued to tremble from the o*****. I gently and slowly slipped billy back out of her swollen p****, and she looked so amazing as the toy finally emerged, and then I got into the bed beside her and held her under the duvet as she relaxed and closed her eyes again and her breathing started to return to normal, as she fell asleep in my arms.

May 11

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