In love with my twin

I am a 51 year old mother of two, they are now adults. My husband has a hobby, its carp fishing. Every weekend he's off in his van with his mates to some competition or other. Anyway, I have a twin brother, we are not identical but we have always had a strong bond. My brother, is handsome, successful and well off, but has never married. Our father died when we were both young and it affected Mathew more than me. Then ten months ago our mother died and we were left to clear up her possessions and it was the weekend we were doing that together that my life changed.

We had finished on the Saturday and still had at least a days work left to do at mum's house and Mathew said come back and stay at my place tonight then we can start early tomorrow, I agreed and we spent the evening chatting over a takeaway meal and a few glasses of wine. He had made up his spare room for me and after a bath I went to bed, but I could not sleep as I kept thinking about our loss and got more and more upset. I got up and started to go downstairs and saw Mathew's bedroom light was on, I peeped in and he was laying in bed reading. I told him I couldn't sleep, he said he was the same and he pulled the duvet back and said here get in we can stay awake together. I got into his bed and instinctavly cuddled up to him, he put an arm around me and drew me closer. The feeling got me aroused, I started to pull away, but he pulled me in even tighter, I lifted my leg over his thigh and it was then that I felt his erection, he knew I felt it because that was when he kissed me, not just a sisterly kiss but passionately full on my lips and I returned his kiss.

Two hours of love making followed, it began when I pulled his pj's down and I put my fingers around his p****, it was so big, more than two times bigger than my husbands and in any case I could not remember the last time I felt that!! I instinctively straddled Mathew, he pulled my knickers and top off and I felt his p**** enter me, I could feel every inch, so thick and long, I had an immediate o*****, feeling him in me his hairy body against my b****** rubbing my nipples. I kissed him passionately, felt him gently pushing and withdrawing himself between the lips of my v*****. I don't know how many times I orgasmed but I felt myself floating in another world, I had never had any feeling like it, like I was drugged I guess.

After a while Mathew turned me onto by back whilst still inside me, he was so large and so erect, then he gripped my hips and started thrusting, I lifted my legs as high as I could trying to get more of him, I was almost continuingly orgasming, I shouted for him to e********, to pump his s**** into me, I felt his fingers grip my buttocks, his chest rubbing against me and we orgasmed together, pumping away like teenagers.

We lay there in each others arms and fell asleep, but it wasn't long before we were doing it again. I awoke when Mathew pulled me against him, he pulled me on top and then he was in me, squeezing the cheeks of my buttocks, kissing my b******, I was on cloud nine, I felt my o****** one after another as his p**** rubbed against my c*******, we changed positions again and he was even more vigorus and he even felt larger, I couldn't believe what was happening and it felt wonderful as he e********* as I tried to squeeze the lips of my v***** together to get it all.

I know its wrong but we are now lovers, making love whenever we can. People have commented that there is a change in me, that I look brighter. I have joined a gym and already have seen a difference , needless to say my husband has not noticed and is still "carping", but as for me I still get his meals and do the house work. However I'm looking for a part time job.

Mathew and I still meet up three or four times each month, more when we can and I know that he cares for me deeply and gets great enjoyment from our lovemaking.


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  • I am supposed to marry the lady I thought would be my lifetime partner and lover but I've recently discovered a deeper love for my sister.

    When I told her I'm going to marry to particular young lady she threatened that she'll tell our parents we f uck.

    The thing is, she's not concerned what our mom or dad will say or think about her and I having s ex together but it disturbs me greatly.

    I want to continue f ucking my sister and I want to married the "other girl" but I despise my sister blackmailing me although I love her so much.

  • Nice try with the altering of names, Cersei. Sorry about you getting crushed by your falling castle and all, but at least you and Jaime got to die together! Bye now.

  • OOOH gossip, please elaborate!

  • I was 35 when I left my wife for my older sister Sarah, she was 38.

    My ex was a complete B**** Witch. The final straw was when she called Sarah a w**** for getting knocked up without being married.

    I yelled at my Ex, :F*** you. Your a dried up hag., who can't make a baby. You crossed the line this time. I'm leaving you" She said "Right sure you are." , and went to work.

    I stayed home from work. Got a U-haul packed up my things and took half of the money in all the bank accounts. and went to my sisters house.

    When Sarah opened the door, I kissed her full on the lips in the open and said "I left the witch for good. I love you and our Baby. I should have done this 4 years ago when we started".

    Sarah, started to cry, and said "I love you so much, I knew you would come to me and our baby."

    10 years have passed, and we are still crazy in love. Have a wonderful and smart daughter.

    BTW the s** is awesome and often!

  • Good for you! I hope you and your sister enjoy a wonderful life together.

  • Is this a confession or a p*** story?

  • As wrong as it is, you are soulmates

  • Why is it wrong?

  • Perhaps you are with the wrong person. I think you should be with your brother.

  • What makes you think it's wrong?

  • Well, I appreciate your kind question. My guilt feeling is because he is my brother it's not because I am cheating on my husband as he hasn't noticed and seems uninterested in that side of things anyway. I am on "the pill" thank goodness, so there is no chance of pregnancy so we are ok there, its just that overriding guilt afterwards. However we can't get enough of each other and the feelings are fantastic, I never thought I would ever experience such o******. He is such a "bull" male, built well, fit and muscled and his p****, it really is so large, I just love it!!

  • If your husband isn't interested in s** with you then I think you are ok to have s** with your brother. It's got to be better than some random person, as long as you can keep it secret. Don't worry about having s** with your brother it doesn't matter, just let the guilt go and enjoy yourself. Just stay on the pill though.

  • Thank you for your comment, it is getting easier to live with. I am finding that I want him more and more, I can't stop thinking about what he does to me and he does it in such a loving and caring way. Mathew took me to bed last night and played with me for ages, I just love that, not a quick in and out but exploring me all over taking his time until I'm crying for him to enter me. I don't know how he can last so long and his manhood fills my v***** entirely, he is enormous and so hairy and when he e********* it is like an explosion inside me. I can see stars when he is pounding me, feeling all of him inside.
    I have got so adventurous as to try and keep his s**** inside me when I go home as I feel I've still got part of him with me.

  • Imagine the smells in that room. Ewww

  • Yes, the bedroom smells of s** when we are making love, I want him to take me in my a*** as well and don't know how to ask for it. when he's thrusting my v***** I can feel his fingers penetrating my a***, which is so erotic. I imagine his huge p**** up there, thrusting me from behind while his fingers are fingering my v*****. I've never had s** like it, so many o******, I'm in tears a lot of the time crying for more. On Sunday night he had me on the stairs just as I was about to leave, we were kissing goodbye, I felt his hands lift the hem of my dress, his fingers pulling my knickers aside, I dropped his trousers and boxers and we stumbled back against the stairs, I wrapped my legs around him and felt that huge member slide inside me. What a lovely goodnight kiss, being pumped by my love while he snogged my face off and then filled me with his juice, it was so naughty

  • Mmm you English babe!!!! What county are you from?? X

  • You naughty man and nosey too, why should I tell you as I am being loved and satisfied by Mathew. Anyway, you couldn't match his performance, he is a bull!!!!!

  • You should tell me as I love everything you say! And I want to imagine what kind of accent you have so I can imagine you telling me all about your adventures as I sniff your wet knickers!! I'm from Somerset .
    And I would love to give Matthew a run for his money!

  • You are really naughty to say that, why do you want to sniff my knickers. Mathew loves me in a way you couldn't, the way we feel so naturally close when we are making love and he is unnaturally big down there. When we make love I always have my first o***** as he enters me, the feeling I get as his p**** pushes inside is fantastic and he is so huge and hairy, its like being shagged by a bear, so different from my weedy husband.

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