Virginity cuckolding

It's my darkest fantasy for my fiancee to let another man take her virginity. Specifically, I want the guy to be someone I loathe, and to be much bigger than me. The humiliation I would experience turns me on more than anything else.

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  • Mmmmm a King deflowering all the virgin brides on their wedding day

  • He'll always feel superior to me, because my fiancee let him become the first to get off in her virgin tight p****, and there's nothing I can do to change that. The loss of virginity is permanent. Since she likes humiliating me, the two reasons she chose him over me will probably be punishment for having a small d*** and she knows that choosing someone I hate over me to enjoy such a wonderful gift would make me extremely jealous and inadequate. Regardless of telling her or not, she'll know I'd like that. She'll also know that I want her to prefer his c*** much more than mine, but that's a different topic.

  • Ha Ha she is not a virgin

  • I hope you're right.

  • This is simply beautiful. If you feel this way now, those emotions will never leave you. You will NEVER be able to defend her sexually. You will ALWAYS feel COMPELLED to step aside as other men with large, heavy penises rub their c*** head around beautiful p****. When you see studs, you're going to ache for them to seduce her. You're going to want this more than anything. When men are around her, you're going to feel weak, submissive and aroused. You're going to be haunted with fantasies of telling other men that you want to help them seduce her, and for them to do with her what nature intends. There is nothing you can do to prevent or stop this. Understand this now. Enjoy it. Do the self thing often, and satisfy her seldom. Do everything to make her hungry for it.

    With some luck, this will one day happen. When it does, you want her to come so hard she actually checks for her c*** to see that it is still there. Then support her fully. If she cries, tell her that you support her and have knows that she deserved this even before you married. Support her fully in whatever she decides. Thank the guy who does this. Make sure that both of them understand exactly why this happened.

  • I feel weak, submissive, and aroused whenever someone I loathe talks to my fiancee. If this happens at an office party we're both attending, I make sure she has a few drinks before I let her roam around the party. I desperately want them to seduce her. I've even gone as far as "accidentally" send them pictures of her p****, with a message saying "You're one of the few virgins left." Recently, I've even told one of my closest friends that I'm a cuckold and that I'd like for him to take her virginity, which he declined.

    Lately, before we go to office parties, I try to stimulate her c*** to the point she becomes frustrated. Getting her tipsy and hoping the guy I loathe, who has seen her p**** and knows she's a virgin, starts a conversation with her is what I'm hoping for. I hope he seduces her soon.

    I want to know the humiliation of knowing my fiancee chose another man over me to be her first. I want this humiliation to intensify knowing that she chose someone I loathe over me. He'll know that she chose him over me and always feel superior to me. Always. I cannot do anything about it. Nothing gets me off more than imagining that. I hope his d*** is much bigger than mine, so that he ruins her for me (I hope she tells him, too). I want her to choose his d*** over mine and prefer his d*** over mine. At a certain point, I'll tell him that I like knowing my fiancee chose and prefers his d*** to mine. I'll tell him I get off on the humiliation of being cheated on. I want him to know that my darkest fantasy was for my fiancee to choose him, of all people, to be her first. I hope I can't make her c** with my d***, so I can tell him. I want him to make me more and more sexually jealous of him when my fiancee favors him over me. I want her to be his s***, but always deny me. I want to know she's doing all the things I wanted her to do with me. He can go along with this or he can be disgusted with me and out me to everyone (which I can deny).

    I'm ready.

  • What if it wasn't someone you knew (ie. Me) but you hated me because you came home to find your fiancée sucking on my big, thick d***? I'd humiliate you by making us compare p**** sizes, I'm a thick 8.5 inches btw. I'd humiliate you further by making you lube my d*** up with your mouth. Then I'd f*** your fiancée in front of you, you'd see her scream, as I'm laughing, f****** her like a s** doll, rough and wildly, her virgin p**** aching with the stretch around me until I shoot my c** inside her, filling her with my huge load. After I've finished I'll make sure she sucks my d*** clean and gives you a nasty kiss. I'll be back tomorrow for some more

  • I'd not only love for you to take her virginity, but I'd love my fiancee to become your submissive s***.

  • You are weird and sick.

  • I'm with you on the humiliation part. I love it too!

  • I hope it's better than I can imagine.

  • How do you know she is a virgin? I bet she has already had her cherry popped.

  • I hope so.

  • Ho do you know she is a virgin. I doubt that she is!

  • I hope that's true.

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