Is there a type of person on the earth lower than a drug addict?

I've had two encounters with dopers. One was a PCP user and it made me sick to hear the sound of his voice. If he had dropped dead on the spot the world would have become a better place instantly. The next worthless b****** I ran into was a crack cocaine freak. Ditto. He was a walking talking worthtless piece of s*** too. Worthless to anyone he had dealings with.

These s*** people yell, scream, assault, steal and overall like I said if they died on the spot the world would be a better place as soon as it happened.

Drug addiction can destroy a mothers love for her child much less a friendship.

They don't work because they can't. They steal to get dope.

ll never understand why society feels so sorry for them. They could quit if they wanted to but they just have to have their stinking drugs.

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  • There are a lot of people this world would be better off without. Druggies are just one example.

  • People like the op are the reason drugs exist. Nobody feels sorry for a drug addict. What planet are you from?

  • Sorry, but a pedophile beats a drug addict hands down!

  • Chinese are heaps worse than druggies.
    You can tell that just by looking into their squinty eyes.

  • No they aren't. I know many fine Chinese people.

  • I am a drug addict. Took 5 years to get off the s***. Have a little mercy.

  • How many people did you s**** up while on that s***? Dopers don't have any mercy on the people they scream at, assault, rob so why feel sorry for a person who made such a stupid decision?

  • I have sympathy for children under the age of 25 who become addicts / but if you are a parent to a child YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE USING! Your child's needs should always come first! Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably an enabler!

  • Try to have some empathy for the addicted. No one wants to be a drug addict but they become addicted to whatever drug they continually abuse. This is the reality of it. If you get the chance, go to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in your area and you will likely develop a heart for better understanding their plight. Peace.

  • What about the victims of these addicts? The people they steal from, assault, scream at? Drug addiction is a self imposed activity and the only feelings of compassion I have is for their victims.

  • They can go to Nara Non groups and learn how to stop being a door mat for these folks. Because someone is dealing with a drug addict does not mean that they have to allow them to abuse them in any way.

  • You have no clue what you are talking about. A lot of addicts are well integrated in society, work hard, have friends and everything. A lot of doctors do coke for example. I think liars that tell people that drugs are bad are really a more destructive force in our society. NOT saying that drugs are good, but if you smoke dope or drink alcohol that doesn't mean you're a bad person.

  • Get real drugs are the worst things a person can get into. If your on dope you need to be fired or lose your business or in the case of a doctor on dope lost their license to practice medicine. I don't know what experience you've had with these scum but my experiences have been awful and it wasn't something I asked for either.

  • Ive known lots of good people who did cocaine, drank, smoked pot - but I have never met a good heroin addict or a crackhead; meth addicts can be severely dangerous too

  • Their character isn't as good as it would be if they weren't on that s***.

  • Pedophiles beat drug addicts in the going to h*** dept

  • Pedophelia is in a different category. It doesn't belong in a discussion about drug abuse although its probably true to say that pedophiles on drugs are more likely to ignore the consequences of abusing a child than they would be if they weren't on that s***.

  • I was answering the ? Is there a lower piece of scum than a drug addict and IMO pedophiles are the worse and will burn in h***

  • I hate drug addicts too!

    my ex became a heroin addict after being prescribed OxyContin,; the full on addiction took years before he turned to Heroin. I got him into rehabs twice and he'd leave on day 3.

    He stole from every family member (thousands), his own child included. Threatened to kill everyone, abused anyone who ever knew him and strangers - nurses, animals.

    I hope he dies everyday and I've never felt that way about anybody!

    He is a waste of life and does nothing but create havoc everywhere he goes.

    I don't even know about the other crimes but I hear there are many!

    He broke my child's heart and for that I WILL NEVER FORGIVE HIM!

  • I'll never forgive the sons of b****** in my post either. I mean even if they go off the s*** they are on the damage has been done.

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