Brother in law

We were on vacation sharing a house in the OBX with my family, there was 11 including my sister and her husband. My brother in law is 3 years younger than I am and is a good looking guy. Well on the first night everyone went to a local place to eat , tradition and all. I stayed back as I was tired from the drive and honestly wanted some alone time as my husband didn't make the trip. I went into the bathroom to put some stuff away and my brother in law was naked standing there drying off from a shower. I was shocked, surprised , scared, I was running a gambit of emotions. Now I know size isn't everything but .....WOW he was huge. Before I could say anything he looked at me and said Do I get to see you naked, it's only fair. He undressed me pulled out naked bodies together and kissed me. I couldn't believe I was naked kissing my brother in law I knew I had to stop but he picked me up. He is 6'4 I am5'3 and looked me in the eye and said I have fantasized about f****** you since the first time I met you. There was no going back, he carried me into my bedroom and we sent waves of pleasure through my body like I never experienced. We had s** 4 more times I vacation and 5 since we have been back. I feel we have stopped having s** and are making love now.

Feb 14, 2016

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  • No. You. Didn't.

  • Me and my cousin and my aunt are having threesome daily. I also did it with my sister and my mom once. Than my uncle and me had a threesome with my cousin also! We are just like you! We keep it in the family and we have no barriers!

  • My nephew did me 11 times in the 10 days we were at the beach and almost daily since we've returned. I just can't say no to him, I know it's wrong but I am to caught up in his trap.

  • Me and my aunt is doing the same...only difference is we both love each other.......we both eat each others tongue and rips into her wet p****...u can message me on

  • Be careful

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