Caught Naked By Son In Law

I was tired from soaking in the bathtub and after I dried off I fell asleep naked on my bed. Sometime after that, my daughter and son in law showed up. They walked past my bedroom and my son in law saw everything. I woke up and, embarrassed, pulled the blankets over my body.

My daughter laughed and told me later my son in law was amazed at how good I looked naked and always wondered what my b**** looked like because they are so much bigger than hers.

Because I believe in t** for tat, I walked in on my son in law when he was taking a shower, opened the shower curtains, said we're even now, and saw everything he had too, and he had a lot. Maybe that was wrong, and maybe for a woman over 40 I should be more mature, but it felt so good to make things even and see what my son in law looked like naked too, and I could tell by his below the waist reaction he loved being seen naked.

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  • Did you two have s** and did you let him c** inside you?

  • I think thats so HOT...I would love to see my mother in law Zora naked...her b****** and bald p**** fully exposed (I know it's bald because she told me). I know I would get the most raging erection I have ever had. I'm sure the s** with Zora would be awesome!

  • S** with me would be awesome my sexy son in law....just ask and I will suck your beautiful c*** dry and I would devour your smooth b****...

  • Did you ??????????

  • I would love to see my mother in law naked. I've seen her in a bikini but I want to see her breast and p**** fully exposed. I'd love her to see me naked but I would have wanted you to come in to the shower and get on your knees and suck my c*** before bending you over and ramming it deep until we came.

  • Wow what fun. You don't want to f*** him but that's ok. You sound great, I'd like to f*** you. Mark

  • F*** all of you guys your all f****** stupid. Look you didn't have to that but keep it under the carpet and don't discuss it. All you guys are stupid for saying that they should f***. Incest bastards.

  • You have got to know this isn't true - when was the last time your girlfriend wanted to hear that kind of news? If you were stupid enough to tell her, I'm sure you found out in a hurray that the truth is the last thing she was looking for.
    Judging from the other comments, I would say that the "flies-to-s***" principle was in full operation. (i.e. - lots of bull s***, lots of flies). Have a great day, and invest in a course on creative writing.

  • When the two of you are alone... and if you can keep your mouth shut, do him. He will NOT resist! Trust me.

    I have been slamming my Mother in law {5'4" and a kicking athletic build for a 54 year old woman} for 6 years now, and we all get along great.

    So, what are you waiting for. Call him over and tell your daughter you have a plumbing issue and your pipes need cleaning. Works for me!

  • I would had pulled you into the shower and get business taken care of. I love it when mature woman are well taken care of.

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