Decorating with a difference

I was decorating our landing wetting the old wallpaper off by spraying it with warm water when two of my mates came round to see if I was going canoeing the next day and generally chatting when my wife wanted to come past to put some clothes away in the bedroom and as usual Tony and Trevor were doing the usual flirting with her when one of them picked up the water sprayer holding Jen wetting her top. By this time the banter was getting raunchier with Jen breaking free going into the bedroom to change her top. This gave me just enough time to tell them why don't we do a proper job when she comes back out. Jen was laughing actually taunting us that we wouldn't dare when we threatened her with the sprayer again within seconds she was grabbed held with her hands behind her back while she was completely soaked this is when I noticed she hadn't put a bra back on because you could see her nipples sticking right out under her T-shirt a sure sign she is worked up herself and I could tell that Tony and Trevor like me were all fired up so I said why don't we take her in the bedroom and see the real thing. With Jen being in her late 20s and the guys only being about 19 they were definitely up for it so with her struggling we carried her in the bedroom throwing her on the bed. She tried getting back up but all she managed to do was unintentionally show us her knickers as she tried to get up so between all three of us she was held down while she had her top and skirt stripped off but then I told them to leave her knickers on because while they held her down why don't they flick a coin to see who's got the pleasure of stripping her completely. It was tony who won. She tried to wriggle away but there was no chance as he peeled them off. She looked so helpless but definitely inviting and with all three of us still fully dressed it seems even sexier watching her at our mercy. It didn't seem as though Jen's my wife but instead a sexy Chubby raunchy woman because now was the perfect time to act out one of her favourite fantasies and that's she's always wanted for me to be rough and humiliate her as part of the foreplay before and during s** so now was the perfect time although tony and Trevor didn't know this until I told them now while she was still being held down. I could visibly see the embarrassed look in her face because she had always presumed it would only be us two but now there was three of us and two of them were at least 10 years younger. It was up to me to start the ball rolling by spreading her legs inviting them to feel how wet she was and to order her to feel and taste both of them saying she does pretty good b*******. This was just the introduction they both wanted because every time they had previously been flirting with her they had said they would like her to be their "s** slave." but she had always taunted them that they wouldn't know what to do. It was while Trevor was fingering her f**** roughly and slapping her backside saying to me that this is something he had always wanted to do Tony was pulling and biting with her nipples agreeing with Trevor when she started to have a major o***** which actually took me by surprise at the intensity she was cuming obviously she was enjoying this rough treatment. Within the next couple of hours she was f***** by all three of us in turn and in every position including ordering her to get in the doggy position while Trevor started fingering her bum hole and making fun out of wobbling her backside and hanging belly saying if she is truly the slave she won't argue ( whispering to me were they going too far but it was okay with me saying loudly back this is what she has always wanted .) Trevor started again slapping her backside moving into position holding onto her love handles taking her in the backside all the way while giving Tony a full b*******. It was my turn afterwards and I lay down while I got her to ride me with all their s**** all over her body, but we still weren't finished with her because although we did allow her to put on a see-through nightie she had to stay like that for the rest of the afternoon with Tony and Trevor having a grope whenever they wanted even answering the door to a guy delivering groceries

Feb 15, 2016

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  • Love your stories about Jen, what a glorious fat s***, id love to f*** her. My wife also loves the stories and I f*** her as she read's them she is also a chubby s*** and f**** other men as I watch, I adore how her big t*** sway as she gets f***** doggy with another c*** in her mouth and gets covered in s****. The most she has had is four men as I watched

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