I'm 12 and Imasturbate... So what? Well read on...

I am a twelve year old boy who masturbates. I wouldn't think of it a such a big deal if my family wasn't Christian (including me, and please don't post any comments on how I'm such a sinful hypocrite who's going to h***). I can't help it. Every time I get closer to giving it up my desire to touch my self comes back. And what's worse, I'm starting to want to actually do it. I know it's wrong but it's like an addiction. I mean, would you tell an alchoholic who is now Christian but still struggles with liquor to go to h***? Still, any advice?

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  • "Sinful hypocrite" is a good description for Christians anyway. For everybody else, "hypocrite" alone works just fine. People were happily masturbating long before the Bible came along.

  • Keep on jacking my friend. Totally normal!

  • Dear 12 y.o. ,

    What you're doing is normal and good for you physiologically. God made you, knows you and forgives you. Just keep what you private until you later start to date. Take care now and stop stressing over what everyone goes through, yes even Christians. If this continues to bother you, speak with your parents or pastor about it. Take care now.

  • Dude it;s normal and natural to m*********. There is nothing sinful about it. You're not hurting anyone and nowhere in the Bible does it say it is a sin to m*********. Stop feeling guilty.

  • Yes but it does say "It's best to cast thy sperm into the belly of a w**** rather than upon the ground"

  • I started rubbing myself at age 10, if you look through the 'strange' catagory on this site where it says 'mom's tummy' it'll turn you on, so don't feel bad.

  • Join the club. I was doing that when I was 11. Its harmless and its fun. Don't get caught and enjoy yourself.

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