I got an innocent co-worker fired

Everyone at work thinks our boss is a j***. He treated me like crap one day so it seemed appropriate the next day to bag up some of my own crap and smear a bunch of it under his office door handle. When he got it on his hand he freaked out and started ranting around the office about how someone was going to pay. Later in the day, when I knew he was in a meeting, I went to the parking lot and put some more of my s*** under his car door handle. Well, he really freaked out about that and launched an investigation. Since I was seen as the nice sweet girl in the office he didn't talk to me much but a co-worker who he knows hates his guts was practically accused of smearing the s*** and got mad and pretty much told him to f*** off. He was fired. I feel bad but it was all so exciting I now want to go to his house and put some under his front door handle.

Dec 30, 2010

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  • I lambasted this inconsiderate rude fat pig family for stealing the parking spot I was waiting for in the big mall parking lot. I asked the fat t*** to move his car saying I was obviously waiting for that spot, he blasted me with threats and 4 letter words. Well I had my car packed with cooler it had mustartd ketchup and mayo,I put it on all the door handles, smeared the glass and aimed the ketchup into the slit front window and squeezed as much onto the dash, steering wheel and seat I could get out of the bottle.I also broke off the tire valve giving him a flat tire.I wish I had the time to stay and see the reaction from these abusive animals. I hope I never have to react like that again, cause if I do I'll inflict some major damage on their car. It won't be driveable

  • bwahahahaha your amazing!

  • please tell me you are sexy. u can rub your p*** on me and i will love u 4ever. kiss me.

  • Hilarious! Good on you!

  • LOL... Go for it

  • ...wait, how is this "sexual"? I'm in p***, I think I would have noticed if this post were sexual.

  • I read this whenever I'm having a bad day.

  • Oh my God...that is so funny. Poor innocent coworker, but that is so funny.

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