Getting dead getting forgotten about

My father said it best. Life is for the living. No matter how lavish your funeral people will stop talking about you in two or three weeks. Maybe not your relatives but your friends will. They got better things to do.

If you walk around any cemetary it will not be difficult to find many unattended graves. No flowers or evidence that anyone cares for the dead person anymore.

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  • Well, what you're saying may be true of a few people but certainly not the masses. Most people care very much about people whom they've loss but may not be fond of going to a cemetery to express their grief and sorrow. No one is ever just forgotten after they die. People pay homage to the dead in many different ways.

  • Wrong. The only reason "the masses" give three s**** about the dead, especially in the social media age, is so they can get sympathy for their loss-- even if it was years ago. Even-- especially-- if it was an early miscarriage, aka "a late period". Then you can add GoFundMe to the list of social media outlets where they go shopping for things from random strangers. Boo-hoo, someone died, pity me and maybe send me moneyyyyyyy........

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