Can't believe he told me this

I have a buddy, he is an idiot. Two years ago he got back together with his ex wife. After a year she left him again. She moved in with a guy simply to have a place to live. Over the next year my friend tried everything to get her back. She would do an occasional hook up but refused to move back in.
Recently she has gotten into meth. My friend told me she has been messing around with a black drug dealer. A few days ago he told me something he was unhappy about. I fell out in the floor laughing!!!
Here a little fact about his ex wife. She has a medical condition that caused her teeth to fall out at a young age. She has "false teeth".
Ok given you know that now. A few days ago she called him depressed. The night before she was at her dealers house. He had several friends over. They got her big time drunk. Drunk enough that she went into the bathroom and threw up a few times. The guys came in, picked her up off the floor, took her into the bedroom and the group of guys gang banged her. All the guys took turns the rest of the night. The next morning she woke up naked, sore and missing something. SHE WAS MISSING HER FALSE TEETH! Apparently they popped out into the toilet when she was throwing up and they got flushed.
She didn't care that a group of black men had just used her for group **, she was worried about going out in public with no teeth!!!
I laughed my ** off.

Jan 22

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