Troubles with people

Humans are strange things.

I don't understand people sometimes, they say they are friends and they act all nice to each other but afterwards they spite and backstab each other. I have a group of 'friends' and I put that in quotation marks because sometimes I'm not sure.

It'll be good for maybe a few months and then one of them will diss something and make an assumption, then when I say something completely reasonable like "actually many of the characters from this play aren't from Shakespeare" they will turn around and try to contradict everything I f****** say.

After that there will be a few days sometimes even a week when every time I say something that I know for a fact, the entire group will hound me until I leave. Last time it happened I sat in the male toilets and cried for an hour straight.

Sometimes it's like certain people have the rest in a sort of trance or hypnotism and I'm the only it doesn't work on because the rest of the group will laugh at something that is actually a really horrible thing to say and they would berate if someone else did it.

For example, there is this girl I like and she has anxiety problems and sometimes has panic attacks in school when there is a lot of things going on. I have PTSD from my grandmother dying in a violent manner in front of me. so I get attacks as well and I understand her.

No one know I like her except for a few of her friends and when one the guys in my group was like
"Hey look I'm Aidan! I'm having a panic attack because someone threw a ball at me! Boohoo!"

And the rest laughed, I f****** flipped out and shouted at him for being a c*** and a MASSIVE douchebag. Then the rest were like
"Chill out bro, why are you being so sensitive, it was a joke"


I really REALLY question my choice in friends sometimes.

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  • The behaviour of people as always been a problem in life.
    Its better to ignore those who become false friends and keep looking for new genuine friends.

  • All of our friends may not be friends at all but more like frienemies.

  • You are friends with kids who have not been through what you have been, therefore, their eyes are not as opened as yours! IMO when you have been through such tragedies it heightens your awareness; and they are simply immature. Just know that some people live In a bubble and they like it that way. Find people who are on your wavelength and keep it light with the clowns. At least you have compassion; and you don't need their validation. In other words ..... S**** THEM!

  • These guys are friends, they just aren't your close friends. They are just a group of guys you hang out with. And that can be an issue when you hang with a large group. The dynamic changes and roles change. Meaning, even with a small group of friends we all take on a role..the leader, the clown, the therapist etc..But it's a bit different when you have a larger group. Do you have any other friends that you are particularly close with that you are able to confide in? If you like that girl, you should ask her out. And tell your friends that you like her.

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