I am an intern at my dad's office, barely 18 years old. When I met my dad's boss I had an immediate attraction and he seemed to always be looking my way and smiling at me. I decided I would play it up for him and start wearing my "innocent" dresses to work. They were short, flowey, and very loose, similar to what I wore in my younger days, only much shorter. I would always wear a cute bra underneath so that when I bent over his desk to give him coffee or a paper, he could see it. I was wearing a light pink dress with a black lace bralette that was a little see through. That day he had been overly handsy. Finally I just decided that I was done waiting and I came into his office, bringing him a coffee. Instead of leaning over the desk like I had been doing, I walked around. I started reading what his papers said and sat on his lap in order to read. He only pulled me to sit completely on his lap, and my dress was covering me up, but the only thing between his crotch and mine were my lace panties and his trousers and boxers. I could feel his bulge underneath me and I squirmed around a bit to "get comfortable". I felt him tense up and heard him groan slightly. He kissed my neck and things went on from there...He had me sit on his lap, while he was inside of me. My dress covered us up, so when my dad walked in, he just assumed that we were being flirtatious and laughed and left. I got up, shut and locked the door, he bent me over his desk and f***** me. Nothing will ever be as hot as that was for me.

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  • Yelo tattoo pigment is harder to remove but that doesn't mean you can keep abusing me and stealing from me b****. wear yellow , so do you want ken too? I don't so don't bring him around me. he was more fake then even you. and awful in bed and out. he was just plain gross. go take sides with a rapist you stupid s***. like a reverse racist and reverse feminist you are, the best road safety is being hit by a truck ha? really? sure well hope its you hit by a truck or rapist then. I don't find you funny at all s***. your just a bully.

  • Is she trying to steal my course ? has she been trying to steal my holidays and cruises? meghan what scam are you up to ?

  • Beautiful, Would wanna have s** with me? My instagram is PeggyDaSkrub we could meet there!

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