Dad's GF

My mother left us when I was small. When I was 16 dad moved a girl friend into our house. Dad's pretty well off, and she get's anything she want. I don't do so bad either. One day I forgot my sports kit. I went home lunchtime and my uncle's car was parked in the drive. I heard a lot of noise coming from dad's bedroom, so I grabbed my kit and left. Later I told my best friend and he suggested we hide a camera in the bedroom. After quite a few embarrassing vids of my dad f****** her, and two of her masturbating with a vibrator and a cucumber we finally got what we wanted, she was being f***** by my uncle and another man I don't know. She was wild, she f***** and sucked and screamed for more.
We got her in my room and showed her the video. She was shocked but said OK what do you want? I said we want to see you with your vibrator and then we both want what those others guys got. I get it all regularly and my friend f**** her once or twice a week. She does anything, just as long as I don't tell dad.

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  • Yes, stepchildren are always such innocent little victims when a parent remarries. Boo hoo, let's all cry for children of divorced families.

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