Ready for a change.

I realized today that I'm not going to be friends with my "circle" after high school.

Instead of being sad... I was excited.

I can't wait.

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  • amen

  • At least your mature enough to want to distinguish yourself among others.

  • i'm kind of excited about that fact too :) but there's a few friends who have been through h*** and back with me that i'm gonna cry f****** hard over.

    but, all things must come to an end, and i love making new friends anyways.

  • Yeah, anyone tells you that high school is the best has no clue.
    You'll see how much fun it is!

  • I left mine 30 years ago....was excited was a good decision

  • High school friends usually don't stay close after high school. You will likely all go different directions. The important thing is learning how to be friends with new people and how to be trustworthy of others.

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