My husband enjoys other men seeing me naked.

My Husband took pictures of me in various positions naked. He has shown them to several of his male friends, and he gets sexually excited when he sees their reaction, especially when they see my large b****** and hour glass figure. One of his friends, my husband said, wants to f*** me. I protested because he is one of our neighbors, and knowing him, he would tell everyone he f***** me. I pretend I don't like to be pushed into sexual encounters, but over time I began to like being a s** toy to other men, So my husband had him over for cocktails last Friday night. We all got pretty wasted and husbands plain was for his friend to sleep over, anyway, so in the middle of the night his friend came into our bedroom, and slipped under the covers touching right against my nude body. He gave me several loud o******. I felt like a w****, being used like his toy, but that excited me more.

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  • Love to eat a 6-7-8- yr old girls p****. have seen my 8-yr old grandaughters p**** and it looks so sweet, not sure her c*** has devoleped yet, but that would make it more exciting.

  • Id love to be your neighbour. xx

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  • I wish you were my neighbor

  • Please walk your dog near me, I adore spontaneous s** like that, am a very fit,muscular ex Armed Forces guy of 62, you won't leave at all dissapointed

  • Um sounds good,we're are you based I love older c***

  • There is nothing better than a spontaneous f*** by another man. When i walk my dog in the woods at night, I often chat to other dog walkers and have f***** several in the last month. I have started not wearing a bar or knickers. When i get home with s**** running down my legs my husband f*** me again telling me what a who're I'm am

  • Yum. I would lick the seed out of you.

  • Ant time darling

  • Fantastic wife you are

  • Thank you xx

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