Please somebody help me.

My friend was talking to this guy for like a month and a half. I liked him before that. but I didn't talk to him because I didn't want to get involved. he liked my tbh 4 days ago. I said "tbh I don't really know you but you seem really cool!" he replied "thanks! snapchat me sometime??" so I did. we've talked everyday since. he calls me cute all the time and send three hearts yesterday. and everynight when he would go to bed he would use these emojis "????" or "????" and I would send cute emojis back. I don't want to seem annoying so I don't usually snap first. but I like him a lot and love talking to him so I actually do snapchat him first. but I said "hey" this morning and be said "hi??" I'm like what's uppp" he replied "in the car you?" I was still laying in bed so I just replied "nothing really lol" he didn't reply. that was at 11:30am so I snapchatted him at exactly 2:56 and said just simply said "hey" and he didn't answer. will someone help me get through this or tell me why he might be doing this?

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  • He's doing this because he wants to s**** you on the side or tease or control you. From the looks of things he may be involved with someone else. Do more research and decide your course.

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