Why am i falling for my best friend

I'm 18 and I'm bi. I've known my best friend since 6th grade and tbh she's the whole reason I know i'm not straight. Over the last year or 2 i've noticed that I'm starting to be attracted to her in more than a friend way. she doesn't know this and she's also bi but has a boyfriend. however, her boyfriend cheats on her a lot. she knows this but can't find it in herself to break up with him. on the other hand theres this boy I would date if given the chance. i'm not head over heels for him, though he's my best guy friend. my dad really likes this guy and the guys mom really likes me. I"m pretty sure she's hoping we'd get together someday anyway lol. but yea thats it

Aug 6, 2020

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  • He's like my first real boyfriend. I was 11 and he was 14 and he had s** with me and I loved it, I really do, both of us are boys too???

  • Where is God????

  • My wife was sort of in the same boat. Her solution was to suggest to her BFF to take turns giving their boyfriends threesomes. That was years before we met but it worked. They even dated exclusively between MF relationships. Now I get one each year for my birthday. My wife gets at least two every year. God knows what they do alone

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