I have a neighbor who goes out with a friend of hers all the time - I mean 24/7 partying and looking for guys. They leave their little kids alone all the time. One girl is fat and wears leggings, trust me, she ain't gettin laid anytime soon YUCK!
So when you godzillas finally figure out you ain't gonna land a man and all you have left are your kids and your old and FATTER. I guarantee your kids aren't going to be there for you. You b****** are terrible mothers

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  • I'd give her


  • That's funny....Nigs like the biggins. They should be getting laid regularly. They will probably have a few half breeds popping out soon. Watch and see.

  • Most single mothers are big whores....that's why they are single....and that's why they are mothers.

  • Okay, Id never leave my child of 15 unsupervised. She's only 2 1/2 and I have lots of time but only time she's alone is when she's big and ugly enough to take care of herself, legally. And probably when she moves out. But at the same time dude, fat girl shaming is not cool. Nothing against you, but I can speak for a lot of girls who aren't supermodel skinny, we are self conscious and every time someone looks at us we can't help but wonder what they're thinking. Although i will agree, if the leggings can barely fit over your thighs.. Don't try to get them up past your ass that's like 5x bigger. Im sorry for the rudeness.

  • I though leggings were supposed to be tight. They look like s*** when they're baggy. Besides big girls look good in leggings...better than jeans, anyway.
    So what's up with your kid.." when she's big and ugly enough"????? Wow, you have some low expectations for your child, poor thing......With a mom with an attitude like that, she is guaranteed to grow up screwed up.......Not cool. Good parenting on parade here...:D

  • Curves are one thing ..... Cankles are another ..... Yuck

  • You know what's super hot - a woman who takes care of her children first and isn't desperate to find a man

  • It's not the weight that repulsed me - it's the way they dress - and the fact that they are leaving little children under the age of 7 alive for more than 48 hours sometimes. I do believe that is against the law. btw this post wasn't about YOU! I know plenty of single mothers that do right by their children, these Buffy's Do not! I'm rich too.

  • You sound like ghetto trash. You should be used to seeing that kind of behaviour. That's why 90 "pa-cent" of you apes have 5 kids by the time you are 21. What's the matter is grandma dead? No one to watch and raise the offspring????

  • Alone not alive, hopefully the kids will make it without any supervision. In fact I know they will, because I'm calling cps the next time she pulls an ALL weekender!

  • You are a repulsive pig. Not all women can be skinny, busty and your idea of 'sexy' I was 17 when I got pregnant, and had my baby, I went from being a healthy 110lbs, with perfect curves and huge b****, to still having curves and b**** but I gained 50lbs and couldn't get rid of it no matter what I tried. It's a*******, b******, and just down right dirty bastards that I hate so much for downgrading single mothers like that. Im 20, a single mother, and chunky and f****** proud to be that. If a man can't accept me as i am, chub & all they don't deserve me. It's people like you that are going to end up retired, drinking beer and eating wings every night and becoming morbidly obese that are going to stay alone, or have their wives leave them. I speak on behalf of any other mother who can relate, go f*** your self and rot in h*** you ignorant c***.

  • ^^^^^ and you're single!

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