I'm sorry, I couldn't say no.

I'm sorry Vanessa. I'm so sorry. When I dropped Phionah off home last saturday we had s** in her front room. She asked and I couldn't say no. She said things to me I couldn't resist hearing. You once accused me of staring at her t*** and it was true even though I said it wasn't. I came inside her and didn't use a condom. I'm sorry, so sorry. She wants to do it again. I'm going to say yes, I can't resist. I'm sorry.

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  • Bruh

  • theres no such thing as karma man. its a bit shifty to cheat but be real man it happens all the time and it has little bearing on weather or not you lead a happy life before or after the fact. get some real good s** from your lady before you leave her tho. theres nothing like doing your lady after doing another lady. makes it really exciting.

  • Yea your a sorry son of a b****! Remember your Karma. Because Vanessa will get hers and so will you.

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