Fit stepdad

First of all im 19 parents split up 2yeara ago i guess n now mums got a new bf who has moved in with us, but s*** he is fit as f*** and i so wana s*** him, i dont wven know it i would if i had the chance but i have been a right tease and i know he likes me, starter hes friended me on fb n iv caught a glimps of him looking at my pics, and i know hes checking me out, but most thats my fault, i heard him talking to hims mates n 1 thing he said is he loves girls in leather skirt n proper f*** me boots n heels, soooo i brought quite afew for nights out, and yea iv been strutting afound in front him even sat next to him in my shortes tightest one sayin"i like this skirt but the buckle digs into my tummy" and showing him, i could see he had a major h******, also i note exactly where my clothes are and my skirt are in right side my wardrobe and im finding them in other places and my boots, well i could sworn one had a cun stain on them, its all pervy i know but i like it, i still not sure yet but part me really wants to f*** him so it outa my system but i dont wana do that to mum, but is she never knows whats the harm right?

Mar 10, 2016

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  • You're hot af baby :*

  • If you have your own place ask him to help you with a "problem" make one up and have your good stuff on and watch him if you catch him watching ask if he likes it and then take what you have been wanting

  • No i dont but i did do something simular and yes we have now f*****! and to be more correct, we are still f******!

  • That's awesome dose he have a big c*** for u n f*** u good

  • Give details how wad it

  • Tell ya what babe? shall i do another confess and tell you exactly what happened? in alot of details?

  • Plz do

  • I have... mums bf f***** me gd

  • Well have you f***** him yet?

  • Yep x

  • You know you shouldnt, but you will! just hope its wverything you expect and can keep a secret

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