A Blast from the past!

I was a Senior in High School in 1973 and I had an English Teacher Ms. Jamison. She was a nice looking Gal in her early 30's I think. Long Brunette Hair and a great Body and back in the Day it wasn't unusual to see Women wearing short Skirts with Heels or Boots. One Day Ms. Jamison came to Class wearing this sexy Skirt and White Boots and I couldn't take my Eyes off her through the Class. It was the only time I ever remembered any Class going by so quickly! Many years later I dreamed of doing Ms. Jamison right on her Desk! She was wearing that sexy Skirt and those white Boots. The only time I was "spent" having a dream and having to take a Shower at 3am! lol

Sep 23, 2015

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  • I'm about your age, and for me it was my sophomore algebra teacher. I nearly flunked because I was never paying attention in class. I mean, I was looking at her the whole time, but never listening to a single word she said: I was too busy fantasizing about how I would f*** her silly. She was my constant fantasy for years: nearly any time I masturbated, it was imagining her. So, I totally get what you're saying. And let me also say that my best friend in high school, once we got to college, had started dating another teacher from our high school (our English teacher), and eventually MOVED IN WITH HER! I was never so lucky with my dreamgirl.

  • Dude! I have an English Teacher that is so hot! She's casually dressed most of the time, you know the typical Slacks Women wear. But she has a great ass and every once in a while she will bend over and those Slacks just show the outline of her ass so nicely. Dreamed of doing her a few Nights ago, and I had to take a 3am Shower myself. F****** Great! lol

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