My bf dad

Ok need to let it out to someone and maybe get some advice, please dnt judge i know iv done bad,
basiclly i cheated on my bf with his dad, wev only been going out a few months and i only met hus dad a few times, im 19 and my bf is 21 and his dad must b in his late 40s
we came bk from a night out and my bf got very drunk and was being sick and everything his dad came to pick us up early and we got him home, cleaned him up and got him into bed, and before long it was just me n my bfs dad up chatting in the kitchen dwn stairs n i was still drunk/very emotional from the drama so his dad was like comforting me n started complimenting my outfit in a rather pervy way, basicly i was wearing a leather skirt and leather boots which he obviously liked and kept staring at them at first it felt weird n creepy but after the talk got rather sexual i found my self getting turned on alot. after several more comments on my skirt n boots i then asked if he wanted to touch and within minite of him starting to touch his hands and lips wer everywhere, he went down on me and iv never felt so alive, i have never had head like that to the point he made me have my first proper o******, this then led to us having s** on the kitchen counter, how no1 else in the house didnt hear us i dont know but after he was done, we stopped chatted for abit saying big mistake and should keep it secret i left to go upstair but halfway up i turned around and went bk into the living room were he was, i looked at him and he looked at me and we then had s** again, this time for twice as long and it was twice as amazing as the first, finishing with another powerful proper o****** both of us at the same time,
i left the next morning quickly avoiding him but i really really crave the s** again, i really want to sleep with him again because the s** was soooo good but when the hornyness goes i feel terrible, i could never tell my bf what iv done and i feel torn, any advice?

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  • Go with it hun no man can please like an older dude

  • No harm to tell your bf and it will bring him and his dad closer

  • Lol

  • Just keep this as a very pleasant memory and experience. Don't ever tell your boyfriend. There are things that should always be secret.

  • I'm in the same situation. I've slept with my bf's dad more than once and don't regret it at all. Forbidden s** is amazing, especially with an older man. :)

  • Forbidden s** is wonderful if its boy f dad sisters husband nephew husbands mate iv don it al

  • I am 42 years old and i actually have the best s** with my daughters gf right now. It is just amazing! She texts me when she has the time to get together. When she comes over our house to spend the night she makes it a point to spend at least 3 hours with me in the middle of the night giving each other oral and f****** each other with constant o******. She just turned 18. She's blonde, brown eyes, 5'4", nice tight italian tan skin, shaves her p**** bald, smells foo f****** good all the time. Can say her name to protect her.

  • There was no mention about if he had a wife or anyone else sleeping in the house besides pass out son

  • No my bf mum works away during the week, only home for the weekends

  • Keep doing it!

  • I am, months later

  • Start making videos and put em on here just be anonymous

  • Where did he c**?

  • First time on my ass, well in my leather skirt pulled down! second time inside me

  • Your obv white white p**** let Tyrone put a Tyrone J r in you

  • Did he use a rubber?

  • No he didnt need to, i have the implant

  • So his bare c*** was inside you young puss? filling you up with his sticky muck?

  • Yea he came inside me! and i crawled back into bed with my bf after

  • Did your boots stay on all the way?

  • Yea start to finish! he wanted me in them and got me in them

  • What about the skirt?

  • Well it stayed on, just higher around my waist, first time he pulled it down over my bum and he came on my skirt over my bum with me bent over

  • And the 2nd time?

  • Skirt stayed on all the way through just scrunched up round my waist

  • So you enjoyed a proper man f****** you like u deserve? bet u want it again?

  • Yea i do, and yes it was a real good f***

  • Tell your boyfriend. Trust me if he finds out you a lying it will hurt more

  • Don't worry about the boyfriend ,just keep on f****** his father i also would not tell the boyfriend because he will only get up set

  • Im 50 i f***** my 18 old niece n black leather skirt i shot al ovr it

  • Yea i still am

  • Yea and how is that ment to go? "hey i f***** your dad"

  • Another dirty s*** in leather i like it! describe your outfit fully for me baby

  • Not much to describe, leather skirt above my knee, strippy halter neck and my high heeled boots

  • Yea but describe the leather skirt and boots

  • Ok leather boots are black knee high, stilleto heel, skirt is high waist band with 3 silver buttons on top about me knees

  • Don't over think it all. Just enjoy it for what it is. Good s** is just that.

  • You a hoe..

  • You is right

  • Yous are dumb
    Actual English: you guys are dumb asf

  • Lol You're not much better

  • Can't help but love ya... this could turn out to be a great marriage later... no worries about getting pregs 'cause it will look like him anyways. ..hehe but at least you know the difference btwn a good friend and a good f***. One man can't always be both.

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