Happy Valentine's Day!!

It was 14th of Feb 2016, my boyfriend and I decided to watch a movie, he arrived at around 8pm with chocolates, I ate 1 bar of chocolate before heading out to the mall, when we stepped out of the house he decided to use my car instead of his, out of the blue he just decided to use it. We arrived at the mall, unfortunately the movie starts at 10pm, seats are occupied already, we're still deciding if we are to take the 10:45 movie and will just spend time playing arcade while waiting, upon going back to the ticket booth as we have decided to take 10:45, just so happen that there was a vacant seats for 10pm 2 minutes before the movie starts, WHAT A LUCKY DAY, I said to myself! We watched deapool, it was an amazing movie! The movie has ended, we decided to go home and not to go elsewhere as we have things to do the next day, when we're heading home, I suddenly feel uneasy, I felt a stomach ache that I know may lead to something, we hop in the car to get home as soon as possible, we reached every traffic light in red, oh crap! Then he said "do you want to go into a gas station, it could be better" I agreed! When we arrived at the gas station, THE DOOR IS LOCKED!!!!!!!! The door is locked!!! Went back to the car and hop in, when I sat.... I wasn't ablt to control, I pooped in the car! Yes, I did, in the car, in front of my boyfriend, on valentine's day!!!! I almost cried, hate myself for doing that, it was embarassing and disgusting, I won't go into detail as it may gross you out. But my boyfriend helped me clean the car when we reached home, it's a good idea that we decided to bring mine as it has a leather seat cover that is easy to remove and clean, because his car doesn't have one, it may be more difficult to clean.

Mar 10, 2016

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