In the Car

My husband had to go to work this afternoon and I needed the Car for an appointment in the town so I dropped him off. I had to park the car in a side street as the main car park was full. I was sitting in my car and I suddenly felt really h**** I like it when this happens it doesn't happen very often, I was contimplating going back home and sorting myself out as i was getting strong urges to play with myself and I was becoming quite wet.the side street seemed very qiuet so I ripped a massive hole in the Lining of the pocket of my trousers and slid my hand inside my panties and masterbated myself I sat with a newspaper over the steering wheel so i could not bee seen a couple of people walked past but never spotted what i was up to it was really exciting i want to do it again

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  • we were staying on a holiday park and it was raining quite hard and I was bored after my husband went to the arcades. I opened the curtains in the bedroom and lay on the bed and
    I masterbated

  • I am sorry I have not replied to your comment sooner I have had no internet at all. I have recently Masterbated in the car I was driving around an industrial estate looking for a furniture showroom when i accidently turned in to a disused dead end car park that had a small building with all the windows and doors boarded up. I was searching through my bag to find the address of the showroom and I suddenly started to feel aroused and I sat for a few minutes trying to hope the feeling would go away but I gave in to temptation after a more indepth look around i knew icould not be seen and I lifted my skirt and ripped a hole in my tights as I lifted my bum slightly off the seat i was able to pull my panties to the side exposing my wetness...40 mins I sat there undisturbed rubbing and inserting my fingers deep inside my p****....I love it

  • I have done this too but it was in the office car park late one night,I had finished work really, really late and I was putting my paperwork and bag in the back seat when I realsised i should have gone for a pee before i left my office, Its a 10mile round trip home and I knew i wouldn't make it until then so I had a look around and saw nobody around so I squatted behind my car door and p***** as I was finishing i caught my tights on the side of the car which caused a small ladder tear.

    I got in my car and i was looking at the ladder and I suddenly got very turned on. The ladder was on the side of my leg as i started to put my finger inside the hole and move my finger around it got bigger and bigger. It wasn't long before my hand was inside and i was playing with my wet moist p****. It was the most pleasuring turn on seessions i have had with myself in ages. I can highly recommend it

  • I have a favourite fingering spot beneath the stairs in our office block. Gets me so h**** hearing people going up and down the stairs, not knowing that I am so close. How long does it take you to o***** when fingering in your car?

  • Are you the girl version of harry potter

  • I Have just got back from dropping my sister off at the Hospital, I went to town afterwards and parked up in a side road near a bust station and i had to finger myself before i could do anything i just couldnt help it.

  • I don't do this often but i had to comment on the above as i have to confess i did this once. I was collecting two friends from the airport and the flight had a two hour delay. I went to the shop and bought a magazine and a sandwhich and coffee and i sat in my car in the airport car park.There was not many people around and i was in a space near an open field with high fencing. I don't know why or what caused me suddenly feel h**** but i started to rub myself between my legs. I had a pair of jogging bottoms on and acess in to my wet hole was very easy after a short while.I sat there frigging myself off and nobody knew The windows of the car started to get steamed up and I came very quickly...I gasped lound when i came. When it came to my friends arriving the windows were slightly steamed up and you could slightly smell my wetness....I will be doing that again.

  • Still thrilling to know that you also like doing this and woudn't mind if someone looked. I was fortunate in being watched 4 times so far (that I know of) and the o****** that followed were all too quick but breathtaking. Only 1 of my watchers so far "joined in" from his balcony.

  • I sat and masterbated out on our Balcony once, I was late at night though. I couldnt do it in the daytime. My boyfriend dared me to do it

  • I really like doing this too i played with myself in our local park the other day, i was sitting on a bench and I was watching a couple having a quick kiss and cuddle on a bench further up the park area they weren't doing naughties but i found myself getting very turned on. I had a skirt on with an elastic waist and i slipped my hand in to my underwear and frigged like mad i was surprised know ne was about but the thought of being watched by a stranger made me explode.

  • Quite understandable that you have to m/b all by yourself then. I know from my own experience that it can be very exciting doing that in public with the possibility that someone might see you. What would your reaction be if someone (male or female) came up to you and said: "Here, let me help you!"?

  • I wouldnt do this I am too faithful to my hubby, he would never do that to me so i would never do that to him, This is just my little bit if fun and i am enjoying my little adventure...but i have had the thought go through my mind and it's only for the purpose of making me come quicker, especially if i imaginge someone just standing looking in.

  • No...he has a heart problem and he has to be careful with what he does,he not really bothered by s** anyway and i don't want to cheat i prefeer to do stuff like this.

  • Don't you and your husband get it on anymore?

  • I am the originator of this confession, I am so glad i am doing this i am starting to enjoy the turn on of it. This is my little secret and my hubby would flip if he knew. Yesterday i was in the car with my hubby and i drove in to the street where i first ever did this and i made the excuse i needed to check an address out for a friend and i got wet and excited as i passed the spot. As soon as i got home i went to the toilet and masterbated whilst taking a p***, I was so h**** it was great. I was walking the dog late one night and i had the same trousers on that i ripped the pocket open and i was fingering myself whilst i was walking, I had to sit on a wall to finish myself off..I love it.

  • I sometimes do it while waiting at the traffic light next to a big truck. I pull my skirt up and put my hand inside my panties. You can imagine the truck-drivers' eyes popping and honking when I pull away as the light goes green :-)

  • I have just secretly masterbated in the back seat of my car, I was waiting for a friend at the train station and I needed to do it. If anyone passed by and looked in it would look as though I was going through some paperwork.

  • Today I did it again I was in the car park at the local tesco store, I had a long denim skirt on and it has an elasticated waist i sat in the car for 10 mins and opened up the newspaper across the steering wheel and slipped my fingers inside WOW.

  • I am male and did that once in my car in our basement parking at work. The lady parking next to me had to pass my window to get to her car and was so impressed by my "display" that she stood watching till I shot my load.

  • Nice next time let someone see you

  • WOW i want to hear if you do it again please please post your new experiance..FANTASTIC

  • I did it again I was in town in the main car park this time I had on the same trousers but I took my knickers off before i left the house, my heart was pumping all the way in to town. I parked up next to a car and sat with my newspaper on the steering wheel and I slipped my hand inside my pocket i could really feel my wetness.there was a moment when knowone was around and i frigged myself really fast and hard and came good. As soon as i got home I f***** myself again on my bed...(Hubby still at work by the way)

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