Watch my wife

I want to watch my wife get screwed by another man to watch him take her p**** and make it his and make her scream for the bend her over the table and pull her hair and spank her nice ads and just maul her t** am I wrong for this

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  • Bad she wil get a guy bigger than u and say bye

  • Hey robin guy or woman

  • When u need to try something new, message me on

  • Yes

  • She is 5'8 153 got very nice 32 c full breast with very sensitive nipples the kind that have that half curve on top but blump a pair of as one guy told her before breeding hips and a big ole firm ghetto ars picture jlo on a white girl that is my wife and if you respond let me no if you are m or f ok thanks

  • No your not wrong or strange , a lot of men want to show off there women and see them enjoy the high that s** is when it is a new different thing , every woman loves the thrill of feeling some different hands slip her panties off and the o****** are just as awesome and reach new highs , not a thing wrong with having her experience her total sexuality as she is made to do , I would love to be that guy , I'm in the NE area code 603 feel free to contact me and chat , five two zero then a big seven two and one three , txt me or em at playfulguy544 at yahoo dot com

  • I would like to find some new friends in the N.E.440&330 area to help me get me get back f****** other guys and watch them f****** her.

  • I am the guy who posted the issue is not being good at s** never been that issue we found out a medical issue that is keeping me from doing it it literaly could kill me (heart issue) woman jus need to be full filled jus as well as men and my thinking was if she going do it would be better to know who she with than doing it behind my back and do it then find out

  • Are you wrong? Ask that question when your wife tells you she is leaving you for him.

  • If I knew you, I'll f*** her h hard and make you suck my D*** too.... tame both of you and be the keeper of both my b******!

  • Better be careful what you wish for. A few years ago I worked with a guy that
    wanted guys to come over and f*** his wife. He even wanted me to have a go
    at her, but I'm not into that s*** at all. I've done some kinky s*** in my day but I
    could never watch another man f****** my wife, or having the husband there watching me f*** his wife!

    Anyway, a few months go by and one day he comes to work all sad and depressed. It seems his wife packed up her s*** and moved in with the guy
    that had been f****** her.

    What a dumbass!

  • My wife used to bring guys home for me to watch her f*** them she did this for thirty years and now she has passed away I still have them call to speak to her I told one guy that she had passed away and he replied that's a pity as we used use to f*** at times when she came over for holidays to the states and on many times she love a gang bang
    and was well into s** and loved a gang bang she loved a bit of black c*** as well and I heard she has 4 black guys f*** her f*** her on holiday in the states and when they came over for a holiday she made a date to go out and spend the night with them and got a good f****** that is what she wanted she invited a black guy home from work one night
    after a firms party and wanted him to sleep with us I agreed and in bed only 5 minuet she was wanking him off and got down and took it in her mouth she loved sucking c**** it turned her on then she turned over and sucked me off and then she sucked the guy off again, and when he got hard she sat on him and f***** him till he came then clime on onto my face and made me clean her out and then we all fell asleep and was woken up by her riding this black guy like she has never been f***** before did she love the c*** she must of had him s**** her five times when we woke in the morning the guy had to go to work and she ask him to come home for dinner tonight I had to go out and see some people and came back in the afternoon to find her being f*** by the black guy and his two friends they had all been up he three times and the s**** was ouseing out of her like a river they has been f****** for about 3 hours and ask me to lick her as she was sour and swollen when I got down to her she was so swollen her c*** was like a melon and I suck her till she came later that night she had a phone call and had to go out I said where are you off to she replied to get f***** again she said laughing how much can you take as much as they can give me she was a over sexed nymphomaniac that just wants it

  • I'll pound it for you. Where are you located?

  • Yes you are a looser for sure. Guess you are not very good at s**.

  • Being good at s** was and isnt the issue i have a medical issue that is keeping me from being able to and woman need to be pleased just as well as men do

  • Wish you were my husband

  • Naughty girl.....

  • Do you need your husband's permission?

  • F*** him, I want some raw s** with a complete stranger, I'm submissive and need to be used. I'm 45 and chubby

  • My wife has my permission and I don't think she will leave me because I am a good provider, I pamper her, and I am sexually faithful to her. She is not required to have s** with other men, she is allowed to if she chooses. And she can keep her affairs secret or share them. I don't question her or treat her suspiciously. My excitement in giving her this freedom is never knowing when she may be enjoying herself with a lover out shopping for the day or the occasional evening with her sister. She seems very happy in our marriage and relationship. There are no guarantees in life and people divorce over fewer significant things than sexual partners.

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